Hill Voice, 30 September 2019, Monday, Bandarban:  Today, a group of Arakan Liberation Party (ALP) numbering around 15 persons, who introduce themselves as Mog Party in Bandarban and Rangamati district in order to obtain sympathy from Marma (Mog) community, committed atrocity on Tanchangya villagers of Minjhiri Para of Balaghata area under Kualong Union of Bandarban sadar upazila in Bandarban district.

It is learnt that ALP miscreants, at first, continued their atrocity on the villagers of Minjhira Tanchangya Para for an hour on 27 September. At that time, ALP miscreants tied Shuddha Moni Tanchangya and Bittosen Tanchangya, karbari (village head) of Minjhiri Tanchangya Para, with ropes and tortured them inhumanly. However, soon after sensing presence of army and police, ALP members hurriedly moved to Minjhiri Marma Para.

It is alleged that army and police stayed at Minjhiri Tanchangya Para for an hour and at that time, they made eye wash searching for ALP members. ALP armed group rushed at Minjhiri Tanchangya Para again, soon after the army and police left the village. Then ALP miscreants charged villagers for providing information of their presence to army and police and started threatening to kill villagers if they failed to identify persons who allegedly informed army and police. They also looked for Shuddha Moni Tanchangya who could narrowly escape while ALP group left the village. ALP terrorists threatened to set fire on houses of Tanchangya villagers if they failed in handing over Shuddha Moni Tanchangya to them. It is alleged that ALP group has been conducting repeated attacks on Minjhiri Tanchangya Para with a mean aim to evict Tanchangya villagers from their village. It is also learnt that on 29 September, ALP extremists tortured a villager of Thowaigya Marma Para near Balaghata area of Kualong union.

In assistance of local leadership of ruling Awami League and security forces, ALP armed group continued to staying at nearby areas of Minjhiri Para. Most of men of the villages fled from their respective area due to insecurity of life and fearing further harassment.