Allegation of searching and locking innocent Jumma’s tea shops by the army in Sajek


Hill Voice, 25 August 2020, Rangamati: It has been alleged that recently, the Bangladesh army conducted a harassing search and locked down of an innocent Jumma’s tea shop in the Sajek area of ​​Baghaichhari upazila of Rangamati district.

According to local sources, on 23 August 2020 in the morning, a group of army personnel led by FI Mohammad Atiq of Baghaihat army zone of Sajek Union in Baghaichhari searched the tea shop of Babucha Chakma (20), son of Sona Ranjan Chakma in Hazachhara village of Sajek union.

Although nothing was found during the search, army locked and closed Babucha Chakma’s shop. After that, the army informed Babucha Chakma that the shop would not be reopened until further notice. Besides, army also threatened to sue under the Arms Act if the shop is opened in defiance of the order.

It is known that Babucha Chakma is an ordinary Jum farmer. In addition to jum cultivation, he runs this tea shop in the village.

It may be mentioned that even a month ago, the army searched four small grocery and tea shops in Baghaihat Hazachara area and ordered to close them. The shopkeepers are- (1) Kalo Choga Chakma, (2) Bigunya Chakma, (3) Rupali Chakma, Swami-Liton Chakma and (4) Hiralal Chakma.