A woman killed and 1 child injured in the army firing in Rowangchhari, 4 detained

Photo: Deceased Shantilata Tanchangya (30) and injured Arjun Tanchangya (5)

Hill Voice, 11 July 2020, Bandarban:  A Jumma woman was killed and her child was injured in an indiscriminate firing by the Bangladesh army in the name of capturing terrorists in a village in Rowangchhari in the Bandarban Hill District. Besides, it is learnt that the army also detained 4 innocent Jumma villagers including the students of the village.

A group of armed members of army-backed Reformist armed group also allegedly joined the army during the indiscriminate firing in the village.

According to local sources, on 10 July 2020 at around 7:00 pm, a group of army personnel from Rowangchhari army camp cordoned off Aungyapara village in Ward No. 2 of Sadar Union under Rowangchhari Upazila in the name of searching terrorists. At one point, the army recklessly fired at the village.

An innocent Jumma woman named Mrs. Shantilata Tanchangya (30) and her infant son Arjun Tanchangya Suken (5) were shot and seriously injured. At the same time, Shantilata Tanchangya died on the way to the hospital.

It is learnt that at that time Rangowai Tanchangya, Shantilata Tanchangya and their two children were returning home after doing work at Jum farm. The army fired indiscriminately at them considering them as terrorists. Shantilata Tanchangya and her son Arjun Tanchangya were severely shot. Many are of the opinion that such indiscriminate firing is the arbitrariness and an arbitrary violation of human rights by the army.

Rangowai Tanchangya, the husband of the deceased, said, “I was walking back to my house after doing work at Jum farm. At this time, when we reached Shamuk Jhiri area, I entered the forest to respond to the natural call by letting my wife and child move forward. At that time I suddenly heard the sound of gunfire. I quickly went to my wife and child and saw that the wife and the child had been shot.”

On the other hand, the four people who were apprehended by the army are- 1. Monghainu Marma (19), son of Thoaihlaching Marma, he is a student, 2. Whaising Marma (28), son of Thoaihlaching Marma, he is an autorickshaw driver, 3. Nuchasing Marma (30), son of Kwaimong Marma, he is a farmer, 4. Ching Aung Prue Marma (18), son of Mangsingmra Marma, a student of Lalmatia College in Dhaka.

However, the army said they would be released on July 11 when the four were taken away, but did not release them until the report was written.

Meanwhile, Khokon Tanchangya, a resident of Nathinghiri area of ​​the upazila, said, “Suddenly we heard gunshots. Hearing the sound of gunfire, the villagers started running around. Many left the village and fled to the nearby hills. Army rescued the child yesterday and brought him to Bandarban Sadar Hospital and the deaceased woman was kept in the morgue of Sadar Hospital.”

It may be mentioned that on 7 July, 6 members of Reformist armed group were killed in an attack by the opposition allegedly due to an internal quarrel in Baghmara area under Bandarban Sadar upazila of Bandarban. In the wake of that incident, Reformist member Ubamong Marma conspiratorially filed a case against a member of the Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti (PCJSS) and innocent villagers.

Yesterday, the army conducted a search operation in the villages of Rowangchhari area in the name of apprehending the terrorists. At one stage they surrounded the village of Aungyapara and fired randomly.

Also on 8 July, a day after the incident, the army arrested an innocent motorist named Sumon Marma of Uji Para in Balaghata of Bandarban.

Now it is known that there is panic in Rowangchhari including Kuhalang Union and Rajbila Union of Bandarban sadar upazila.