A Jumma UP member harassed and tortured by Bonjogichara Zone Commander

Photo : Symbolic

Hill Voice, 5 September 2021, Rangamati: Recently it has been alleged that an elected member of Union Parishad in Rangamati district has been harassed and assaulted physically by Lt. Col. Akhtar Uzzaman Faisal, Bonjogichara Zone Commander of 7 Bengal under Jurachari upazila.

The victim was identified as Sanjay Chakma (55), son of Gulmua Chakma from Egujjyachari village of Balukhali union of Rangamati Sadar Upazila. He is an elected member of Ward No. 4 of Balukhali Union Parishad.

According to local sources, Lt. Col. Akhtar Uzzaman Faisal asked UP member Sanjay Chakma to meet him within 25 August 2021 at Banjogichara army zone. As directed by Zone Commander, Sanjay Chakma set out for Bonjogichara by trawler boat along with his two friends named Ananda Chakma and Lakshimoy Chakma in the morning of 25th August. The distance is almost about two hours by trawler boat.

They reached to the army zone at between 11:30-12:00 am and informed the zone office about the meeting but while waiting for Zone Commander in the office it was almost 6:30 pm but they still couldn’t meet the Zone Commander. Then one of the solder informed Sanjay Chakma that the Zone Commander could not meet them and they will be notified to meet later and they can go now.

Accordingly, Sanjay Chakma and his two companions left for house in the night with tired bodies. Sanjay Chakma was called again from Bonjogichara army zone when they reached   Chiberega army camp about an hour later. Called on the phone from the army zone they were informed that the Zone Commander will meet them.

Helpless Sanjay Chakma and his two companions again set off for the Bonjogichara army zone. After waiting in the army zone, Sanjay Chakma was allowed to meet the Zone Commander at 10:00 pm.

As soon as they met Zone Commander Lt. Col. Akhtar Uzzaman kept asking continuously about Saiman, Karjon, Dulal and Mintu Chakma that where they were and insulted Sanjay Chakma in vulgar language. At a stage, Zone Commander assaulted Sanjay Chakma physically and released him after making various threats. Then Sanjay Chakma and his two companions returned to Rangamati that night.

He is now reported to be in deep concern and anxiety over the Zone Commanders threat.