A Jumma student beaten and a house searched by BGB members in Naikhyongchhari

Photo : Symbolic

Hill Voice, 10 October 2020, Bandarban: A 10th grade Jumma student named Basanta Tanchangya Durjoy (18) of Baishphari area of ​​Naikhyongchhari in Bandarban Hill District has been allegedly beaten up by local BGB members without any guilt. On the other, BGB of Manjoy Para BGB camp in Naikhyangchhari upazila searched Kiran Tanchangya’s house at Manjoy Para of Naikhyongchari.

According to local sources, on 7 October 2020 at around 7:00 pm Rishanta Tanchangya was returning home from a shop in the village at that time. On the way home, two BGB members of Baishphari BGB camp stopped Rishanta Tanchangya without any reason and started beating him with fists and sticks. At that time, when Rishanta shouted, the men and women of the village came forward to rescue him.

When the villagers asked the BGB members why they were beating them, the BGB members could not give a good answer. When the villagers surrounded the two BGB members, then they (BGB members) called the commander of BGB’s 34th Battalion in Cox’s Bazar and told him that the commander would come and solve the problem within two hours.

Later the BGB battalion commander came and sat down to discuss with the villagers including elders. The battalion commander assured that such incidents would not happen again and the commander of Baishphari BGB camp Subedar Kamal also said that such incidents would not happen in future. The Karbari and villagers of the village also agreed to this.

It is to be noted that the Baishphari BGB camp is located in the middle of the village and has been set up occupying the lands owned by the Tanchangyas.

Kiran Tanchanga’s house searched

On the other hand, on 10 October around 11:00 am a group of BGB numbering 10-12 members from Manjoy Para BGB camp in Naikhyangchhari upazila raided Manjoy Para and searched Kiran Tanchangya’s house. At that time, BGB members destroyed all the belongings and documents of the house. It is learnt that no one was in the house at that time. The family is now in a state of panic as to why Kiran Tanchanga’s house was searched without any complaint.