A Garo girl raped in Mymensingh, a case filed


Hill Voice, 20 August 2020, Mymensingh: A Garo girl has been allegedly raped at Muktagachha in Mymensingh district after falling her in love. It is learnt that the girl was raped more than once by showing the temptation of marriage.

The victim has filed a case with Mymensingh Women and Child Repression Prevention Tribunal court. The Garo girl victim is a college student. Her village home is in Nalikhali area of ​​Muktagachha police station in the district.

It is learnt that Aryan Islam Arif (22), son of Md. Saiful Islam of Nalikhali village of Muktagachha police station, raped the Garo girl by falling into love trap at different times.

According to the victim, the last time she was taken to Nalikhali Diabetic Center on 11 August 2020, she was raped with false promises of marriage. Arif later admitted the truth of the incident in social media but refused to get married. Later, the victim Garo girl filed a case as a plaintiff.

Garo Student Union (GASU) Mymensingh Metropolitan President Piklu Ruga strongly condemned and protested the incident. “Our simple Garo girls are constantly being deceived by the outside world,” he told. We demand that the accused be brought under the existing law and exemplary punishment be ensured. ‘

Meanwhile, the court has directed the Mymensingh Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) to investigate the case.