A Bawm villager abducted by Bawm Party terrorists in Rowangchari, later released


Hill Voice, 28 September 2022, Bandarban: It has been reported that an innocent Bawm villager was abducted, detained and beaten up by army-backed Kuki-Chin National Front widely known as Bawm Party from Rowangchari Upazila Sadar area of Bandarban district. However, it was reported that the abductors released the villager early today (September 28).

According to local sources, yesterday (September 27) around 3:00 pm, a group of Bawm Party terrorists kidnapped an innocent person named Lal Chunglian Bawm (55) from his home in Suanlu Para village of Rowangchari Sadar area.

After being detained in their hideout for about 7-8 hours, the Bawm Party terrorists released the abducted Lal Chunglian Bawm and he was reported to have returned home at 11:00 am today.

During the detention, Lal Chunglian Bawm was reportedly brutally beaten by Bawm Party terrorists, causing multiple injuries to his right eye and chest.

As of writing this report, it is reported that Lal Chunglian Bawm, is being taken to Bandarban Sadar Hospital for treatment by his family.

Lal Chunglian Bawm’s son Gerson Lawncheo Bawm wrote in his Facebook status, father’s condition is not good, he can’t even drink water now.

According to local sources, the abducted victim Lal Chunglian Bawm is not in involved with any political party. Earlier he owned a drug store. His wife is a government primary school teacher.

It is not known why Army-backed Bawm Party terrorists abducted and beaten up Lal Chunglian Bawm.

It is known that the distance from Lal Chunglian Bawm’s house to Rowangchari army camp is only half a kilometer.