8 houses searched in Subalong & 2 persons arrested in Manikchari by the army


Hill Voice, 18 August 2020, Rangamati and Khagrachari: It has been alleged that 8 houses of Jumma villagers in Subalong union of Barkal upazila of Rangamati district have been searched and 2 persons in Manikchari upazila of Khagrachari district have been arrested by the army.

8 houses raided in Subalong

According to local sources, a group of army led by Captain Rezaul of Subalong army camp (20 Bengal) raided the houses of 8 innocent local villagers in Ward No. 5 and 6 of Subalong Union in the name of searching for terrorists.

At that time, the army ransacked the houses and harassed the people of the house by interrogating them unnecessarily.

The names and addresses of those villagers whose houses have been searched are- 1) Promod Chakma (26), s/o Nalini Ranjan Chakma, village- Bagha Mukh; 2) Uttam Chakma (37), son of late Patti Chakma, village-Bagha mouth; 3) Patanga Chakma (60), son of late Badi Baidya Chakma, village- Jouta Khamar; 4) Arun Chakma (42) son of Shyama Cheda Chakma, village-Jouta Khamar, 5) Kiran Chakma (25), son of Bimal Chakma, village- Jouta Khamar, 6) Bimal Chakma (48), son of late Chandra Mohan Chakma , village- Jouta Khamar; 7) Chandra Sen Chakma (60), son of late Indra Kumar Chakma, village- Jouta Khamar; And 8) Binimoy Chakma (42), son of Chandra Sen Chakma, village- Jouta Khamar.

2 persons arrested in Manikchari

On 16 August 2020 Sunday evening, two persons were arrested by the army at Manikchari in Khagrachari. The detainees are: Samendra Tripura alias Sudipta (35), son of Paita Tripura, village- Sukanta Mahajan Para, Sindukchhari, Guimara and motorcycle driver Momongshi Marma (30), village- Tilapara, Kalapani, Guimara.

According to local sources, a group of army stopped them at Jorkhamba on Manikchari Road at around 6:00 pm on Sunday while they were riding on a rented motorbike. The soldiers later detained them and handed them over to Manikchari police station at night.

After being detained at the police station overnight, Samendra Tripura was sent to the Khagrachari district court on 17 August Monday morning entangling with a false case. The motorcycle driver Momongshi Marma is still kept at Manikchari police station(chtnews).