7 Jumma students detained by army in Panchhari, later released


Hill Voice, 4 October 2020, Khagrachari: It has been alleged that 7 innocent Jumma students were detained by the army from East Nalkata village of Panchhari in Khagrachhari Hill District and taken to the army camp. However, after keeping detained in the army camp for about five hours, the detained students were reportedly released through local public representatives and elders.

According to local sources, today (4 October 2020) at around 12:00 noon, a group of army personnel led by Naik Subedar Arif of Panchhari Army Sub-Zone of the Bangladesh Army went to East Nalkata village in two pickups. At that time, the army apprehended the innocent school and college students from the village and took them to the army camp.

The detained students are- 1. Pulin Chakma (18), son of Dhalaya Chakma, school student; 2. Atish Chakma (18), son of Barahulo Chakma, school student; 3. Junel Chakma (18), son of Moniram Chakma, a schoolboy; 4. Pavel Chakma (19), son of Nipun Chakma, a college student; 5. Riken Talukder (28), son of Digendra Talukder, college student; 6. Beken Talukder (24), son of Digendra Talukder, college student; 7. Sumentu Chakma (18), son of Bindu Kumar Chakma.

It is learnt that the students were taken away and detained in the camp for about 4-5 hours. During this time students were harassed and mentally tortured in various ways.

Later, at around 5.15 pm, the army called local public representatives and elders, including Kiran Tripura, Chairman of the local Latiban Union and released the detained students through them.

It is not known why the army of Panchhari sub-zone picked up the students and detained them in the camp.An elder, who did not want to be named, said the army could arrest and torture anyone they wanted. They have no accountability. He said the arrests were made to show the authority of the army and to intimidate the people in the area.