3 innocent Jumma arrested by army in Bandarban

Photo: From left Ukya Mong marma, Mongprue marma, Nungpure marma

Hill Voice, 19 May 2022, Bandarban: A group of army of 5 EB regiment led by Captain Sajeed of Bandarban Army Zone have reportedly arrested three innocent Jumma youths from the residential hotel ‘Habib Boarding’ opposite 4 Goli of Bandarban Bazar area of Bandarban city.

The incident happened on Wednesday (May 18). The detainees were identified as Athuimong Marma (22), son of Mongchaw Karbari of Galengya Punarbasan Para in Ruma Upazila, Ukya Mong Marma alias Kyathowai (20), son of Sahlani Marma of Thanjui Para in Galengya and Nuemong Prue Marma (21), son of Dungchi Aung Marma of Galengya Punarbasan Para.
According to local sources, four Marma youths, including Athumong Marma and Kyathowai Marma, got drunk and beat up a Bengali businessman at one stage of a quarrelling at Saprue Char area of Sangu river in Galengya before Sangrai. The Bengali businessman was later admitted to hospital and complained to the army.
Sources further said that a few days ago, Athuimong and Kyathowai went to Bandarban to bring money for selling tobacco and stayed at Habib Hotel in Bandarban town. After finishing transaction with the tobacco company, they prepared to leave for Ruma Galengya on Wednesday (May 18) with the money. At that time, Nuemong Prue Marma also came to Habib Hotel.
Sources further said that Nuemong Prue Marma came to Bandarban in 15 days and helped in harvesting paddy of a villager at Swarna Jadi area of Bandarban. Marriage to a girl with Nuemong Prue from Swarna Jadi area was fixed. Hence, Nuemong Prue went to her house to help them in harvesting paddy. After completing the harvesting work, Nuemong Prue went to Hotel Habib Boarding to meet the neighbors in his village to return to Galengya.
At that time, an army led by Captain Sajeed arrested Athuimong Marma, Kathowai Marma and Nuemong Prue Marma from Habib Boarding and propagated through army-back online news portals that the army arrested three extortionists during a special operation from Habib Guest House while extorting in the area.
A local elder, who did not want to be named, said the three Marma youths were fully innocent. They are not involved in any political activities. The army has arrested three innocent Jumma youths in connection with a trifling incident of a quarreling with a Bengali businessman. This shows the intense anti-Jumma and communal attitude of the members of the army.
He further said that the army is carrying out arrests in the Chittagong Hill Tracts with the mean purpose of justifying their presence by showing the activities of armed terrorists in the CHT, gaining promotions by showing the arrest of terrorists, and above all disrupting the process of implementation of the CHT Accord.