3 Garo women tortured by house-owner in Dhaka


Hill Voice, 18 May 2020, Dhaka: Three women of indigenous Garo community were reported to have been tortured by house-owner at Kalachandpur area of Dhaka. The incident was occurred at 99/Ka Paka Mosjid (Mosque) area of Kalachandpur on 17 May, at 5:30 pm.

It has been learnt that house-owner Nazrul Islam, his wife and their son, jointly attacked on their tenant Suvra Gagra and her two daughters.

Victim Suvra Gagra has informed that her two daughters went out for a green vegetables’ bazaar. After returning from bazaar, they found the main gate of their flat closed. When asking the house-guard to open the gate he said that ‘there is an order of house-owner not to allow you to enter.’

At this situation, on asking for house-owner, house-guard took house-owner. As soon as coming there, the house-owner attacked on two sisters and slapped them. Along with this, wife and son of the house-owner also joined to slap the tenants.

They, three persons, jointly slapped the two sisters, held their throats with force by rounding with scarf. Hearing their shouting, when mother Suvra Gagra came forward to save her two daughters, she was also beaten and teared her cloths. Later, keeping three of them out, the gate was closed.

Having no other way, when they put a General Diary (GD) with Gulshan police station, police led by Officer-in-Charge (OC), coming along with them, talked with the house-owner and they were able to enter the house. And police said that they would take measure by watching CC video footage next day. But till writing the report, no action was taken by police station. Even there has made no enquiry.

Victims said that on the day of the incident in the morning the house-owner came to collect house-rent. At that time, they said the house owner that they were unable to pay the rent for this month, they would pay later. Now they have no job, no money. But the house-owner did not agree with them. They had some altercations with the house-owner about it.

That is why, this disgusting occurrence was made, they claimed. They claimed that they have always been paying the house-rent and never left unpaid. They cannot find any reason for not allowing for only one month. The victims said that they want proper justice to this.

The village house of the victims is at Uttor Khoirakuri (Chinabill) village of Haluaghat upazila of Mymensingh district.