2 Jumma villagers severely beaten and detained by army in Bilaichari

Photo: Symbolic

Hill Voice, 23 August 2022, Rangamati: It has been alleged that two innocent villagers were subjected to inhumane beating and detention by the Bangladesh Army in Kengrachari Union of Bilaichari Upazila under Rangamati Hill District. It is learnt that after keeping detained for more than 5 hours in Bilaichari army zone after beating the two villagers, the army released the victims.

The two villagers who were beaten and detained were Mintu Chakma (40) and Santu Chakma (35), both son of late Hiralal Chakma, from Bangalkata village of Kengrachari Union.

From among them, a group of army of 7 personnel suddenly raided Bangalkata Chowmuhani area of No. 9 Ward of Kengrachari Union and dragged Mintu Chakma, who was staying inside a shop, out of the shop. The army members then took Mintu Chakma to his residence and tied his hands and feet and beat him inhumanly. At that time, the army personnel also conducted extensive search in Mintu Chakma’s house and ransacked the belongings.

Then at around 11:10 am, army personnel took Mintu Chakma and went to his younger brother Santu Chakma’s tea shop. At that time, the army men dragged Santu Chakma out of his own tea shop in the same manner and beat him severely. After that, the army personnel conducted extensive searches first at Santu Chakma’s house and then at the neighboring house of Montu Chakma. Montu Chakma was not at home at that time.

Eyewitnesses also said that during the search, army personnel found pig food and 20 liters of water with 10 liters in bottle in Montu Chakma’s house. After that, the army men forced Mintu Chakma and Santu Chakma to go around the area with 10 liters of water each on their shoulder.

Army personnel took Mintu Chakma and Santu Chakma to Bilaichari Army Zone at around 1:00 PM.

Later Kengrachari Union Parishad member Sadhan Chakma and Headman of No.127 Keranchari Mouza Sunik Jyoti Talukdar went to Bilaichari army zone and sought the release of two innocent villagers.

It is reported that the army personnel released Mintu Chakma and Santu Chakma to UP member Sadhan Chakma and Headman Sunik Jyoti Talukdar at around 5:20 pm after keeping detained and brutal beating in Bilaichari army zone for more than 5 hours.

When asked, several villagers and family members of the victims could not say why the army beat them and detained them in the army camp.