2 Jumma villagers detained by army-police in Jurachari, released later


Hill Voice, 19 April 2020, Rangamati: It is alleged that two innocent Jumma villagers from the Ward No. 2 of Banjogichhara Union under Jurachari upazila of Rangamati district were detained by a group of army and police, today on Sunday.

According to local sources, on 19 April 2020, around 9:00 pm, a group of 10 army personnel and 6 police members led by Warrant Officer Anowar of Jurachhari (Jakshabazar) army camp at Jurachari Upazila headquarters of Rangamati district apprehended Shanti Ratan Chakma (35) s/o late Nokbilash Chakma from Bekabekya Panchari of Ward No. 2 of Banjogichhara union of Jurachari upazila.

On the other hand, at around 1:00 pm, the same group of army-police grabbed Padmadhar Chakma (50), s/o late Hiramon Chakma from the Labor Para of Ward No. 2 of Banjogichhara Union.

While the family members asked about the reason for the arrest, the army and policemen could not provide a specific reason. However, members of the army-police said they could arrest anyone under Section 54.

However, it was reported that Shanti Ratan Chakma and Padmadhar Chakma were released under the custody of local elders and Jurachhari local news reporter Manta Chakma in the evening at around 7pm of today, after interrogating them at the Jakshabazaar army camp.

Local sources also reported that in the afternoon, a group of 25/30 army personnel from the Banjogichhara army zone in Jurachari launched patrolling at Jaksha Bazaar area and another army of 15/20 personnel from the Shilchari camp carried out patrolling at the area of Durhatchhara Government Primary School.

Local sources also reported that even in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, the army is currently conducting one after another searching operation in the village of Jurachari upazila on a regular basis, and the villagers are intimidated and harassed in various ways.