1 house searched and 2 Jumma villagers detained by the army in Dighinala

Photo : Symbolic

Hill Voice, 9 February 2022, Khagrachari: It has been alleged that the army searched the house of an innocent villager in Ultachari Dojor Para of Babuchara Union of Dighinala Upazila of Khagrachari and took two innocent Jumma villagers to the camp after detaining them.

According to local sources, on Wednesday (February 9) at 9:00 am, a group of army personnel from Dighinala Zone, Babuchara Sub-Zone and Jarulchari Camp conducted a search operation in Ultachari Dojor Para of Babuchara Union. During the operation, army personnel surrounded the house of Abani Chakma, Karbari of the village, and searched it and ransacked the belongings.

‍Abani Karbari was not at home at the time. Not finding Abani Karbari at home, the army tied his daughter up for a long time. Not only that, Abani Chakma’s wife was reportedly forced to tie up her daughter.

The army also detained an innocent Jumma villager named Bhante (38) from Dhanpata of Babuchara Union and Nigira Ranjan Chakma (40) from Dhiren Para of the same union and took them to Jarulchari camp. Later, the local elders went to the Jarulchari camp and after much pleading, it is learnt that the two villagers were released.

It may be mentioned that on February 4 at 5:30 am, the army suddenly fired 10-15 rounds at the house of an innocent Jumma villager in the guise of a so-called terrorist in Dojor Para of Ultachari of Babuchara Union. After firing, they ransacked the house and burned many items.

Not only that, Rina Bap alias Ripon Chakma (45) and his son Kalaiya Chakma (19), residents of the village were severely beaten by the army. It is learnt that Kalaiya Chakma is still undergoing treatment after being released in critical condition.

A day later, UP member and Karbari of the village were called to the camp. It is learnt that they were subjected to many harassing interrogations while they went to the camp.

There is panic in the minds of the people as a result of such brutal actions of the army. On the other hand, due to such brutality of the army, the people of Maini area are seen to be afraid to stay at home even at night.