Youth abducted by Reformist terrorists in Nanyachar, released on ransom


Hill Voice, 19 September 2022, Rangamati: It is alleged that army-backed Reformist terrorists abducted a youth from Nanyachar Bridge of Nanyachar Upazila under Rangamati Hill District. The victim was identified as Shuddhodhan Chakma (33) son of Ulungya Chakma visiting from Rangamati town area. Later the youth was reportedly released by the abductors after receiving ransom.

According to the source of the victim, on September 15, 2022 at around 4:00 pm Shuddhodhan Chakma a resident of Vedvedi area of Rangamati town went to see the Nanyachar Bridge with his two friends named Sweety Chakma (23) and Sonali Chakma (21) of the same area.

At one point while walking on the Nanyachar Bridge, some Reformist terrorists led by Rupam Dewan came there and took Shuddhodhan Chakma to an unknown place saying that there was a talk with. As Shudhodhan Chakma did not return even after 2 hours long, his friends Sweety Chakma and Sonali Chakma worriedly phoned the youth repeatedly. But the phone was switched off.

At around 6:30 pm, Rupam Dewan along with some of his companions came to Sweety Chakma and Sonali Chakma on the bridge and informed them that Shuddhodhan Chakma was in their custody. Rupam Dewan then took Sweety Chakma and Sonali Chakma to where Shuddhodhan Chakma was detained. Meanwhile, the terrorists beat and injured Shudhodhan Chakma. In response to a question of Sweety Chakma and Sonali Chakma about why Shudhodhan Chakma was beaten, Rupam replied that the victim was caught for the guilt of attending a PCP conference in Rangamati sometime back.

Soon after this, the terrorists demanded 1 lakh and 50 thousand taka as ransom for Shudhodhan Chakma. That night, the terrorists kept Shuddhodhan Chakma in their custody along with two young women.

The next day on September 16, 2022, after much bargain the terrorists released Shuddhodhan Chakma along with two young women in exchange of 20 thousand taka.