UPDF seize mobile phones of Jumma villagers in Longadu


Hill Voice, 16 April 2023, Rangamati: All the mobile phones of the residents of three Jumma villages of Kattali area of Longadu upazila under Rangamati district have been allegedly taken away by armed terrorists of the anti-CHT Accord United People’s Democratic Front (UPDF).

There are even reports that armed terrorists of UPDF are currently imposing a curfew in the said villages and holding the villagers hostage.

According to local sources, 3/4 days ago the armed terrorists of UPDF snatched away all the mobile phones used by the residents of Pagolichara, Kichingchara and Kukichara villages in Kattali area of Longdu upazila. Since then, the people of the area lost contact.

Not only that, since then the UPDF have issued binding rules for the villagers to enter their houses before evening. They have announced that if they see anyone outside the house in the evening, they will shoot directly.

In such a situation, many villagers are leaving their homes and fleeing to other places for safe shelter.

According to some villagers, the UPDF have taken this step to create panic among the people in the area and to prepare for any terrorist action.