Unarmed civilians taken to gun fights by army against KNF in Ruma


Hill Voice, 18 May 2023. Bandarban: The unarmed civilians of Mro, Marma, Tripura, Khumi and Bawm communities have forcefully been taken by the army to gun fights between Bangladesh army and Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF) in Ruma under Bandarban district to use them as human shields.

The Army have forcibly taken 4 persons from Ruma Thana Para, 3 persons from Marma Hatimatha Para, 6 persons from Minjiri Para, 5 persons of Poli Para, 5 persons from Chaipuk Para, 8 persons from Mayur Para, 22 persons from Bashiram Para, 17 persons from Passing Para, 16 persons from MTS Mro Para, 25 persons from from different Bawm villages and 3 persons from Khumi Para to use them as human shields in the gun battle.

In addition to many more unarmed common people from different villages have been forced to be taken to the battlefield in operations.

It is to be mentioned that the incident took place in between Zarolchari village of Bortholi Union of Bilaichari Upazila under Rangamari and Thing Dawl Te village of Remakri Prangsa Union of Ruma upazila under Bandarban on 16 May, 2023.

Similarly, about 10 Marma civilians from Mong Yu Para of No.2 Ruma Union and 22 Tripura civilians of Sobsang Basiram Para under Remakri Prangsa Union of Ruma were also reportedly taken to the fight on the same day. Among them, Abraham Tripura was seriously injured from a mine blast on 17 May.

The civilians taken to the gun fight have been out of reach by their family members since then. Family members do not know what has happened to them.

Moreover, on 17 May, 2023, 10 Marma civilians from Chaipo Village of 2 No Ruma Union and another 10 Marma civilians from Lungchiri village of Ruma Bazar were taken to the place of the gun fight by the Army.

Most of the male civilians of different villages of Ruma Upazila are now in hide to avoid the situation of taking them to the gun fight.

It is also observed that food crises will take place soon in these areas where civilians cannot do their regular work.

An indigenous rights activist who did not want to be named said that taking civilians to the gun fight should be stopped by any means.

Name of the villagers from Pasing Para of Remakri Prangsa Union:

1. Pasing Mro (Karbari), s/o late Ringklang Mro

2. Krongsai Mro, s/o Sakteu Mro

3. Jongrau Mro, s/o Khamreng Mro

4. Payang Mro, s/o Patui Mro

5. Paklang Mro, s/o Patui Mro

6. Rengrui Mro, s/o Payang Mro

7. Reng Young Mro, s/o Leng Young Mro

8. Ringlot Mro, s/o Niya Ngak Mro

9. Mangsa Mro, s/o Ruipyo Mro

10. Rengle Mro, s/o Kratpung Mro

11. Paring Mro, s/o Patui Mro

12. Reng Yoi Mro, s/o Don Rawi Mro

13. Reng Wai Mro, s/o Payang Mro

14. Parao Mro, s/o Sing Young Mro

15. Reng Tawng Mro, s/o Shing Chawng Mro

16. Lawrum Mro, s/o Rui Pyo Mro

17. Kangking Mro, s/o Mangkhawi Mro

M T S Village of Remakri Prangsa Union:

18. Paring Mro, s/o Sing Chong Mro

19. Jong Rao Mro, s/o Sing Chong Mro

20. Mentang Mro, s/o Sing Chong Mro

21. Long Di Mro, s/o Men Young Mro

22. Men Pre Mro, s/o Men Young Mro

23. Men Sing Mro, s/o Laitong Mro

24. Laitong Mro, s/o Men Sing Mro

25. Men Le Mro, s/o Men Young Mro

26. Mang Chawng Mro, s/o Paring Mro

27. Reng Pawng Mro, s/o Paring Mro

28. Young Sowa Mro, s/o Abor Mro

29. Young Ring Mro, s/o Mangkhai Mro

30. Bike Chawlong Mro, s/o Thum Hawng Mro

31. Menron Mro, s/o Menrua Mro

32. Hawi Thong, s/o Khumi Nang Sai Khumi, Ruma Bazar.

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