Two Jummas beaten, house searched by army in Farua

Photo : Symbolic

Hill Voice, 8 March 2024, Rangamati: Two Jummas were beaten up by the Tangkoytang army camp commander, and a Jumma house was surrounded and massively searched by a group of army personnel from Farua army subzone in the same Farua union of Bilaichari upazila in Rangamati hill District.

It is reported on March 5, 2024, two innocent Jumma people were severely victimised of beating by Tangkoytang camp commander of 32 Bir in Bilaichari zone of Tangkoytang of Ward No. 8 of Farua union under Bilaichari upazila.

The victims were identified as Natun Babu Tanchangya (40), son of Punangchan Tanchangya and Kajal Babu Tanchangya (38), son of Lakkikumar Tanchangya. Both were from- Tangkoytang of Ward No. 8 under Farua Union.

According to the sources, the victims were taken away by several army personnel from Tangkoytang army camp and severely beaten on instruction of camp commander on 5 May, while they were on their way back home after sawing wood for erecting their houses. At the incident, the Tangkoytang villagers were reported to have been intense anger and passing their days through scary state.

Reportedly, another group of army personnel from the Farua subzone of 32 Bir surrounded and randomly searched a villager house yesterday morning (March 7, 2024) in the same union. The victim was Pradip Tanchangya (38), son of late Lalit Mohan Tanchangya of Goainchari in Farua Union.