Three Jumma students detained by the army in Jurachari

Photo: The army conspiratorially takes photos of detained students with yaba and donation receipts.

Hill Voice, 4 May 2024, Rangamati: It has been reported that another 3 innocent Jumma students have been detained by the Bangladesh army from Jurachari Upazila Sadar area of ​​Rangamati district. The detainees have not been released till the writing of this report.

It is known that the detained students were returning home after campaigning for a chairman candidate contesting in the upcoming upazila elections. A few days ago, the army arrested two more students employed for election work from the same place and harassed them. In this situation, the questions to many whether the army is doing this with any particular motive in the election? Or, they want to create obstacles for or against a candidate?

According to local sources, today (May 4) around 1:00 p.m, army personnel from Jaksha Bazar army camp in Jurachari upazila arrested the three students again.

The three arrested students are identified as (1) Rupam Chakma (25), son of- Birendra Chakma, Village- Jameschari, Maidung Union, Jurachari; (2) Suren Chakma, (24), son of- Anil Kumar Chakma, Village- Chibe Panchari, Maidung Union, Jurachari and (3) Roni Chakma (25), son of- Prem Kumar Chakma, Village- Baraituli, Banajogichara Union, Jurachari.

It is learnt that Rupam Chakma, General Secretary; Suren Chakma, Organizing Secretary and Roni Chakma, Information and Publicity Secretary of Jurachari Thana Branch of Pahari Chattra Parisad (PCP).

According to local sources, at first a group of army picked up Suren Chakma and a motor cycle driver to the Jaksha Bazar army camp from the Dhamaipara Bridge in Jurachari Sadar area. Soon after, Rupam Chakma and Roni Chakma were arrested from the Jaksha Bazar army camp check post and taken to the camp by army personnel.

It is known that at that time the students were returning home from the election campaign office of Suresh Kumar Chakma, the chairman candidate for the upcoming (May 8) upazila parishad election.

Currently, the army are conspiring to entrap and harass the three students by saying that banned Yaba tablets have been found from them, a source said.

A local elderly person, who did not wish to be named, said, “It seems that the army are not only harassing, but also deliberately obstructing the normal campaigning in the elections.”

It is to be noted that on April 26, the army personnel of Jaksha bazar army camp detained two students named Saresh Chakma and Roni Chakma at the camp check post on their way back home from Suresh Kumar Chakma’s election campaign office. During detention for about 3 hours, the victims were harassed and released at 5 pm.