Six Mro women and children ruthlessly beaten by Bengali settler in Alikadam

Photo: Scars of the victim Mro women in the assault.

Hill Voice, 18 March 2024, Bandarban: Six indigenous Mro women and children were allegedly ruthlessly beaten up by a Muslim Bengali settler youth in Alikadam Sadar Union of Alidkam Upazila under Bandarban hill district. Among the victims, three women with serious injuries were admitted to the Upazila Health Complex.

The name of the assaulter was Md. Shah Uddin (25), son of Md. Fazal Kabir, Village- Najumia Sardar Dakkin-Purba (South-East) Palang Para, Ward No 3, Sadar Alikadam Union.

When a case was tried to file on behalf of the victims with the Alikadam police station, the police officer in charge refused to take the lawsuit, saying to settle the matter by discussing with the settlers’ leaders.

The six victim Jumma women and children were- (1) Changpa Mro (36), wife of Chaknai Mro; (2) Lengrung Mro (22), wife of Menpre Mro; (3) Hiliu Mro (13), daughter of chaknai Mro; (4) Burao Mro (13), daughter of Suilapru Mro; (5) Tungtok Mro (50), wife of Ruireng Mro and (6) Nongpao Mro (19), wife of Khamchum Mro. All the victims are residents of Amtali Satklam Mro para of Ward No. 5 under Sadar Alikadam Union.

According to the victims and locals, the victims went to look for vegetables, fish, shrimp, snails etc. on the stream and hill in Tainkhal area on (Thursday) March 14, 2024, at around 10 am. When they reached a place down the Guisap Jhiri (stream) Mukh while searching for green vegetables, suddenly, without any provocation or talking, the Bengali settler youth Md. Shah Uddin assaulted on the Jumma women and children with sticks.

While beating, the attacker Md. Shah Uddin said, “The soil of my land may collapse, you can’t come here, why do you come here?” Several sticks were broken while beating them, the victims said.

Particularly, Changpa Mro (36), Lengrung Mro (22) and Tungtok Mro (50) were seriously injured by the stick hit. Their hands, feet, shoulders were severely injured. Later they were admitted to Alikadam Upazila Health Complex.

The source of concern added, immediately after the incident, the victims led by Karbari Suisamong Mro went to Alikadam Police Station to file a complaint, but the police officer in charge there (Name could not be known) expressed his inability to take the case. The police officer advised them that prosecution would cost money. Rather, you discuss socially with the accused’s seniors and try to reach a compromise.