RAB’s claimed shootout with Islamic militants and KNF is completely fake


Hill Voice, 9 February 2023, Bandarban: The incident of gunfight by armed terrorists of new Islamic militant group Jamaatul Ansar Fil Hindal Sharqiya and hill’s armed group Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF) with RAB in remote Remakri Bridge area of Remakri Prangsa Union in Ruma of Bandarban is reported to be completely fake. The claim of arresting 17 Islamic militants and 3 KNF members from the spot during the gunfight is also known to be incorrect.

On Wednesday (February 8) at around 12:00 noon in a press briefing at the Bandarban Hill District Council hall, Commander Khandaker Al Moin, Director of RAB’s law and media wing, claimed that 17 dangerous militants of Jamatul Ansar Fil Hindal Sharqiya and 3 members of KNF were arrested after a 12-hour breath-taking operation in the area adjacent to Lowangmual Remakri Bridge in Thanchi Upazila of Bandarban. A large amount of country-made and foreign-made weapons, bomb-making equipment, ammunition and cash worth Tk 7 lakh have been recovered during the RAB operation.

However, according to investigation of the Hill Voice, this claim of RAB is completely false and staged drama. There were no incidents of gunfight with Islamist militants and the KNF, known as Bawm Party.

According to local sources, RAB members went to the spot early in the morning on Tuesday (February 7) and fired blank shots several times. In this way RAB is claiming the incident of blank shooting as gunfight with terrorists. In fact, there were no gunfights with the terrorists.

Local sources have confirmed that the reported arrest of 17 Islamic militant members from the scene is not true. It is learnt that 17 militants were brought from other places and shown arrested on the spot.

On the other hand, the arrest of three KNF members named Lal Malsiam Bawm, Flag Cross Bawm and Malsom Pankhuya from the spot is known to be incorrect.

According to reliable sources, Malsom Pankhuya was arrested from Kaptai on February 5 with Tk 7 lakh and Lal Malsiam Bawm and Flag Cross Bawm were arrested from Ruma on 2/3 months ago. Sources said that although Malsiam Bawm and Flag Cross Bawm were involved with KNF known as Bawm Party, it was not confirmed whether Malsom Pankhua was directly involved in the Bawm party.