PSKF’s reception for SSC passed indigenous students in Chittagong


Hill Voice, 1 June 2024, Chittagong: Pahari Sramik Kalyan Forum (PSKF) organized an introduction meeting and reception for the indigenous students passed the SSC examination in 2024 living yesterday (May 31) at 4 pm at Barrister Sultan Ahmad Chowdhury University College ITC Bhavan auditorium in Chittagong city.

With the slogan ‘Speak up for education at every indigenous Jumma home and join the movement to implement the Chittagong Hill Tract (CHT) Accord’, the event was organized.

President of the PSKF Disan Tanchangya presided over the event while Bangladesh Adivasi Forum leader SJ Chakma, vice president of PSKF Anil Bikash Chakma, Chittagong Metropolitan Branch President of Pahari Chatra Parishad (PCP) Hlamio Marma, Chittagong University Branch President Antar Chakma were present among others as chief guest and special guest respectively. General secretary of PSKF Jagat Jyoti Chakma moderated the event and organizing secretary gave welcome speech in the event.

The chief guest SJ Chakma said, education is the backbone of the nation, so we have to take practical education. People-oriented education should be adopted instead of self-oriented education. Because, only the fit survives in the world.

He also said, birth might be anywhere but work should be good. No matter where we have born! In Chittagong Hill Tracts, there are no good schools in remote areas such as Sajek of Baghaichari, Dumdumya areas of Jurachari. Backward people like us have to become competent to survive. As a result of the CHT Accord, Jumma students have the opportunity to study abroad. For example, going to different countries like Australia, Canada, Europe our students are obtaining higher degree, if our family is not aware, there is a possibility that they might join the juvenile gang at this age.

Anil Bikash Chakma said, today who are successful SSC examinees, we have known their parents and family for a long time. You need to realize the reality of your parents. Parents’ dreams must be fulfilled. Now you have to establish yourself by getting good education. You also have to think about your motherland.

Hlamio Marma says, Those passed SSC today, they have a long way to go. A person is as big as his dreams. The bigger you dream, the bigger you can be. Your education should be for this world, for this country, for this nation and for yourself.

Antar Chakma says, even if you pass SSC from the city, stick to your roots. The condition of schools in the CHT is bad. People can grow only when they dream big. Enlighten yourself with the light of education and think about your own society and situation in the hills. In the modern era, technology is a blessing to many and a curse to some.

President of the meeting Disan Tanchangya said, as an affiliated organization of the esteemed party, Parbatya Chattagram Jana Sanhati Samiti, this event has been possible to host while working for the indigenous workers in the port city of Chittagong. However, though the meritorious students and the indigenous teachers were awarded honour in the last Biju, but never in this way. From this year, the students being passed in this SSC will be awarded every year.