Plots of grabbing Jumma’s lands by Bengali settlers in Bilaichari


Hill Voice, 9 February 2024, Rangamati: The Bengali settlers, from Kengrachari union of Bilaichari upazila under Rangamati hill district, have reportedly been making conspiracy to occupy farmlands belonging to Jumma people adjacent to the settlers settlements.

According to local sources, on February 7, 2024, a group of Bengali settlers led by Md. Monir Hossain attempted to plant paddy seedlings on the recorded lands of Gyana Ranjan Chakma, a member of Ward 4 of Kengrachari union. The land amounting to some 5/6 Kani (approx. 2.00 acres) is in the western side of Raingkhong Branch Bana Bihara in Kengrachari union.

Some days ago, under the leadership of Md. Monir Hossain, a group of Bengali settlers obstructed the day labourers of Gyana Ranjan Talukdar when they went to plant paddy seedlings there. On the contrary, two days later, the land grabbers attempted to plant paddy on the land of Gyana Ranjan Chakma and some other lands next to his land. At that time, the landowners including Gyana Ranjan Talukdar prevented the settlers from planting paddy.

It is known that the Bengali settlers also put a red flag on the land with an attempt to grab the lands last year (2023). However, the zone commander of the local 32 Bir Dighalchari Army Zone instructed the both parties not to plant paddy in that land until the dispute is settled. But still, they have forcibly been attempting to plant paddy intending to occupy the land.

Moreover, by making plot, the Bengali settlers have been attempting to grab many plots of land in Kengrachari mouza belonging to headman Santosh Chakma by offering just a nominal money and issuing threat. Besides, just a few days ago, another group of settlers went to plant paddy in a field belonging to a Jumma villager named Ram Chakma in Ward No. 3 of Bilaichari Union. As the neighbouring Jumma people along with the headman Sadhan Bikash Chakma of Kutubdia Mouza prevented the Bengali settlers, then the settlers stopped planting paddy and went away.