People of three villages deprived of healthcare in Barkal, demand to establish a community clinic


Hill Voice, 4 September 2020, Rangamati: People of villages of Mara Ajjangchhari, Bhudhachhara, Ludibanshchhara of No.4 ward of remote Bhushanchhara union in Barkal upazila of Rangamati district are being deprived of health services. Residents of these remote hilly villages have demanded the setting up of community clinic to get health care.

The sources said that thousands of men and women live in Bhudhachhara, Mara Ajjyangchhari and Ludibanshchhara of No.4 Ward of Bhushanchhara Union. Most of the people in the village are dependent on Jhum cultivation. Not so advanced in the field of education. They are not even aware of health care.

It is also learned that there is no health center in any of the surrounding villages except Barkal Upazila Sadar Hospital. Although there is a health center in Chhoto Harina Bazar, it is far away. Waterways are the only means of communication in Barkal Upazila. It takes a lot of time to come and go. It is difficult to take a critically ill patient or a pregnant patient to the health center immediately if they need first aid. However, the distance from Bhudhachhara village to Barkal Sadar Health Complex is about five and a half kilometers and the distance from Bhudhachhara village to the community clinic in Bara Ajjangchhari village of Bhusanchhara union is about 15 kilometers. Due to these reasons, a community clinic is needed in the area.

Some villagers said that there are no health care facilities in the No.4 ward of Bhushanchhara Union, especially in Bhudhchhara, Mara Ajjyangchhari, Ludibanschhara, Suguripada and Boiragipara villages. There are no other public-private facilities. If any symptoms of various diseases including typhoid, diarrhea, appear in many, the patients are to fall into suffering.

Therefore, the people have demanded the government to set up community clinics to facilitate health services.

Ripa Chakma, a resident of Mara Ujjangchhari village, said they gave birth to a healthy baby boy last year. After birth the baby becomes ill. When the level of illness increased, the one and a half month old baby died as there was no health center. According to them, a community clinic is needed in the area so that no more children are lost prematurely.

Pattar Moni Chakma, a former member of Bhushanchhara Union’s No.4 ward, said there is no other health center except the community clinic in Bara Ujjangchhari village in Bhushanchhara Union’s No.4 ward. So if a community clinic is set up in Bhudhchhara village, it will be useful for everyone.

Barkal Upazila Health Officer Dr. Monkyaching Sagar said, according to the rules, there should be 4 community clinics in each union. But at present there are 3 community clinics in Bhushanchhara union. So, considering the condition of the people and the inaccessible area, I think a community clinic in Bhudhchhara village is very much needed. This is a timely demand of the locals.