PCJSS Golden Jubilee programs at various locations in Rangamati: Call to join greater movement


Hill Voice, 15 February 2023, Rangamati: Today (February 15th) discussion meetings have been organized at different places of Rangamati district to mark the golden jubilee and 51st founding anniversary of Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti (PCJSS). In these discussion meetings, all those concerned have been called upon to join the ongoing greater movement of the PCJSS for the full and proper implementation of the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT), the Charter of just Rights of the Hill Dwellers including the indigenous Jumma peoples.

Baghaichari upazila

On this occasion, at 10:00 am, a discussion meeting was held at Battola Community Center of Baghaichari presided over by Baghaichari Thana Committee President and Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee convener Sushil Talukdar. Sumati Ranjan Chakma, vice-president of Rangamati district committee of PCJSS was present as the chief guest and Pulak Jyoti Chakma, member of Rangamati district committee of the PCJSS, Dhana Bikash Chakma, member of Baghaichhari Thana committee, were present as special guests. Besides, Dilip Chakma, member of Sarwatuli Union Parishad (Union Council), Amulya Ratan Chakma, member of Khedarmara Union Parishad, Gyana Alo Chakma, member of Baghaichari Union Parishad, Dilip Chakma, member of Baghaichari Union Parishad and Rashika Chakma, reserved women member of Union Parishad, Anik Chakma, member of Baghaichari Thana Committee of Parbatya Chattagram Juba Samiti spoke at the meeting. Mantu Chakma, member of the Baghaichari Thana committee of PCJSS, delivered the welcome speech.

Sumati Ranjan Chakma, the chief guest in the discussion meeting, said that after struggling for more than two decades, PCJSS and Jumma peoples made the government compel to sign the CHT Accord. He urged the leaders and activists to be ready to accept any sacrifice for the implementation of this Accord.

Longadu Upazila

At 11.00 am, an activists’ rally and discussion meeting was held in Bagachatar area of Longadu upazila on the initiative of Longdu Thana Committee of PCJSS. It was attended by the returnee members of PCJSS and members of Thana, Union and Village Branches of JSS, Mahila Samiti and Juba Samiti as well as people of different walks of the area.

The discussion meeting held was presided over by Binay Prasad Chakma, Land and Agriculture Affairs Secretary of Longadu Thana committee of PCJSS and moderated by Moni Shankar Chakma, General Secretary of Longadu Thana Committee. Organizational secretary Jashu Chakma gave a welcome speech. Apart from this, returnee member of PCJSS Ayanti Moy Chakma, President of Thana Juba Samiti Tapan Jyoti Chakma and Mahila Karbari Natuna Chakma also spoke in the meeting.

Jashu Chakma said in his welcome speech that the present situation of CHT is not good at all. A special section of the government is using various conspiracies to sabotage the movement for implementation of the Accord. All the leaders and activists involved with the PCJSS have been implicated in false and harassing cases and expelled from the area. The Jumma people are currently under great anxiety.

Returnee PCJSS member Ayanti Moy Chakma said, I have returned to normal life with many hopes and aspirations after ending the long armed struggle after facing difficult situations with various adversities before the Accord. But it is very sad that the government has cheated us. Today the age of our party has completed 51 years, on the other hand, 25 years of the Accord of the party and Jumma people with the government have passed. Till date the key clauses of the Accord have not been implemented. He lamented that we have submitted weapons under the Accord, but not our experience and training. He urged the students and youth society as well as workers to join the greater movement to implement the Accord.

President of Juba Samiti Tapan Jyoti Chakma said that in order to tackle the prevailing situation in CHT, there is no option for students-youth society to keep the national existence of Jumma people of CHT intact on the map of the country. He urged the students and youth to participate in the party’s ongoing movement to strengthen the movement for the implementation of the CHT Accord.

Woman Karbari (village head) Natuna Chakma said, in order to make women society politically aware along with men, we need 100% sincere cooperation from the men, otherwise it is not possible for women to come forward.

The president of the meeting, Binay Prasad Karbari, said that we all have to join the movement for the implementation of the Accord by identifying the main enemy and avoiding imprudence and escapist thinking. He urged to be prepared to survive the competition in any situation.

Barkal Upazila

On this occasion, a discussion meeting was held at Barkal Upazila headquarters at 10:00 am in the office of PCJSS and presided over by Apurba Mitra Chakma, member of Barkal Thana Committee of PCJSS. Bidhan Chakma, member of Rangamati district committee of PCJSS and chairman of Barkal Upazila Parishad, was present as the chief guest in the discussion meeting. Besides, Shyama Ratan Chakma, Vice Chairman of Barkal Upazila Parishad and Member of Rangamati District Committee of PCJSS, Women Vice Chairman Sucharita Chakma were present as special guests. Priya Jyoti Chakma, general secretary of Pahari Chhatra Parishad’s Barkal Thana Committee, gave a welcome speech at the meeting while moderated by Ketan Chakma, president of Pahari Chhatra Parishad’s Barkal Thana Committee, and former student leaders Newton Chakma, Lakshimon Chakma and others also spoke.

On the other hand, a discussion meeting was also organized at Jagannathchara, on the joint initiative of Jagannathchara, Aimachra Mukh, Dighalchari Village Committee of PCJSS and Juba Samiti of Aimachara Union of Barkal Upazila. In the beginning, the Golden Jubilee program was inaugurated by hoisting the national flag and party flag and blowing balloons. Jagannathchara village committee president of PCJSS, Bhuban Bijay Dewan presided over the discussion meeting and information and publicity secretary of Aimachara union branch of PCJSS Gyana Ratan Chakma (Gyana) was present as the main discussant, and Dhana Kumar Chakma, president of Aimachara Mukh village committee, Dighalchari village committee president Dayadhan Chakma as special guests. At the end of the meeting sweets were distributed to all present.

Besides, it is known that discussion meetings were also organized in Barkal Union and Bara Harina Union on the initiative of PCJSS, Juba Samiti, Mahila Samiti and local people.