Our rights constantly being violated even being citizens of Bangladesh- Ushatan Talukdar in CU


Hill Voice, 17 September 2022, Chittagong: Ushatan Talukdar, vice-president of Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti and former Member of Parliament said that even being citizens of Bangladesh, our right to life is constantly being violated, land is being lost, Mros are being evicted by rubber companies with the help of the administration. He said this at fresher’s welcome and farewell reception 2022 ceremony organised by Chittagong University (CU) branch of CHT Hill Student Council (PCP) at the Campus of Chittagong University. He added that moreover, we are not getting back our land rights according to our customary laws. Poison is mixed in the water sources. Government should take effective action in this regard.

Yesterday, on September 16, 2022, Ushatan Talukdar said these while speaking as the inaugurating speaker in the function held at the AK Khan Auditorium of the Faculty of Law of Chittagong University. The teacher of the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology of the University Professor Dr. Mohammad Saidul Islam, Assistant Proctor Arup Barua and Vice President of the Central Committee of PCP Thoaikyajai Chak and others were present as special guests. Naboday Chakma, president of Chittagong University branch of PCP presided over the event.

“Youth, let’s be united for root and determined for protecting existence” bearing the slogan, the new indigenous students of the academic year 2020-21 were welcomed and the students of academic year 2016-17 were given a farewell reception.

In the morning session of the day-long program, the introduction and feelings sharing of the new indigenous students admitted in various departments of the academic year 2020-21 and the introduction and commemoration of the outgoing students of the academic year 2016-17 were held. Chittagong University students Orthi Rema and Mukta Dibra hosted this session.

Naresh Chakma moderated the focus discussion of the program and Satyapriya Chakma, member of Chittagong University branch of PCP gave the welcome speech. Usahla Marma gave the speech on behalf of the newcomers and Sudipta Chakma on behalf of the outgoing students. Besides, Machenhla, a student of Chittagong University, read out welcoming letter for the freshers and Millipru Marma read out the honour letter for the seniors.

Ushatan Talukder, the inaugurator of the program, also said that the government has signed the CHT accord and partially implemented it, but peace has not yet returned to the Chittagong Hill Tracts. He said we are not harmful to the country; we want to live with rights as citizens of the country. Today, the indigenous people are bringing the country’s reputation through various contributions including sports.

Ushatan Talukdar said, Chittagong is our neighboring region. Historically, Chittagong Hill Tracts has a good relationship with Chittagong. And since Chittagong University is close to Chittagong Hill Tracts, more indigenous students admit here. PCP was born for the welfare of indigenous students. This organization has been playing a role for a long time from the place of the responsibility of the student society to protect the existence of the Jumma people along with education.

Addressing the students, he said that the university is the center for culturing humanitarian education. As a student, your first and foremost responsibility is to acquire knowledge having values. By acquiring these values ​​you must speak out against injustice. Your life, rights, economy, future etc depend on politics. That is why it is necessary to know about various subjects as a student.

He said to the new students, don’t spend the time unnecessarily, and use it properly. Just as MN Larma spread light from darkness to the hills, you too will bring fame to the country and society in such a way. Our existence today has become critical. In this situation, it is the demand of time to come forward with your sincerity.

As special guest Dr. Mohammad Saidul Islam conveyed greetings and welcome to the new students. He said the new students in the university should develop themselves and dream of building the society, country and nation. You must first realize what a dream is and make yourselves prepared beyond the surrounding limitations. You should decide what to do after getting admission in this university. He also said that more than 60 percent of those admitted to public universities in our country come from lower middle class families. Also, we have to face various problems while continuing our studies in the university. These obstacles must be overcome and life must be won in the battles.

He also said that along with studies, we have to look for our roots. We have to come forward for the welfare of our country, society and nation.

Assistant proctor Arup Barua said, the new students who have been admitted have managed to make their place by showing a lot of talent. Two new halls will be opened within this year to solve the housing crisis of the university’s indigenous students. In this way, I hope the accommodation problem of my dear students will be solved.

He also said that quota is a matter of right. Adivasi students are admitted to the university every year, they should be aware of the quota seats as per the rules. If the quota seats are not applied properly, it will be possible to take quick initiative if you apply to the administration.

Special guest student leader Thoyakyajai Chak said that the freshers should focus on acquiring social, political and world-class knowledge in this world-class institution called the university and should dream of the welfare of the society. As a student, at what stage is the state of your ethnicity and from what stage you have come from, you have to understand these things deeply in your heart and come forward for your society and roots.

He also said that today’s ineffective status of the Land Dispute Settlement Commission is the result of the government’s failure and insincerity. Today our land is not protected, legal rights are being undermined day by day, and we do not have leadership in the production system. In today’s indigenous society, it is important for highly educated women to come forward for the liberation of women or the establishment of women’s rights. A role must be played in the development of the country, nation and society in the long journey.

Satyapriya Chakma said in the welcome speech that PCP organizes various activities in the campus every year. This freshers reception is one of them. Through such event Adivasi students from the hills and plains studying at CU will help to foster a sense of brotherhood and friendship. Besides, he drew the attention of the administration to take initiative in the accommodation crisis of the indigenous students in the university along with increasing the quota seats.

President Naboday Chakma said in his speech that Chittagong University is a meeting place of more than seven hundred indigenous students. In this campus we can all cherish different ideologies, thoughts. But the ethnic groups must be united in critical situations. We must not forget our own roots, we must be aware of our own existence. We have to come forward for the development of society through good work.

At the end of the discussion meeting, the freshers welcome and Seniors Farewell Ceremony-2022 ended with a colourful cultural program with the participation of Rendezvous Shilpigosty and the indigenous students of Chittagong University.