Oikya Parishad decides to continue street movement along with dialogue


Hill Voice, 17 April 2023, Dhaka: Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Oikya Parishad has decided to continue the street movement in addition to discussions with the government to implement the 7-point commitment of minority interests promised in the previous election manifesto of the government party.

Today (April 17) this decision was taken in the meeting of the central executive committee of Oikya Parishad. The meeting was chaired by one of the presidents of Oikya Parishad, Professor Dr. Nim Chandra Bhoumik.

A press release signed by Oikya Parishad’s Central Office Secretary Mihir Ranjan Howladar informed about this meeting and decision.

It should be noted that a delegation of 9 members of the Hindu Buddhist Christian Oikya Parishad met the Prime Minister on April 12. In that meeting, the prime minister was urged to take a direct role in fulfilling the 7-point commitment promised in the previous election manifesto of the government party, which is friendly to the interests of religious and ethnic minorities. Among the related promises in the election manifesto of the government party were the proper application and implementation of the Vested Property Return Act, the formulation of the Minority Protection Act and the formation of the National Commission for Minority Affairs, the formulation of Debattar Property Protection Act, the formulation of the Anti-Discriminatory Act, the full implementation of the Chittagong Hill Tracts Peace Accord and the proper execution of CHT Land Commission and the formation of separate land commission for the indigenous peoples of the plains.

In the meeting of the central executive committee of Oikya Parishad, the leaders who met with the Prime Minister highlighted the topics discussed in that meeting. In this context, hope was expressed in the meeting that the Prime Minister will quickly implement the promises made in his election manifesto.

In the meeting, it was decided to continue the street movement along with discussions with the government to realize the demands. In the meeting, before stepping into the final program of the movement, it was decided to organize an extended meeting of the Central Committee, 8 divisional representative meetings in May and June.


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Also, decisions were taken to hold view-exchange meetings with like-minded civil society, human rights organizations, cultural and women’s organizations and various important people on ongoing movement programs, view-exchange meetings with foreign diplomats and heads of missions in Bangladesh, view-exchange meetings with all political parties in favor of democracy and liberation war, Discussion meeting with media editors and representatives, discussion meeting with all organizational teams and organ organizations of Oikya Parishad, discussion meeting with representatives of Oikya Morcha of religious and ethnic minorities and indigenous peoples.

One of the presidents of the organization Nirmal Rosario, presidium member Kajal Debnath, Milan Kanti Dutta, Jayanti Roy, joint general secretary Adv. Tapas Kumar Pal, Adv. Kishore Ranjan Mondal, Organizing Secretary Sukhendu Shekhar Vaidya, Sagar Halder, Adv. Dipankar Ghosh, Padmavati Devi, Tilak Goswami, Central Leader Mihir Ranjan Howlader, Pranatosh Acharya Shibu, Adv. Apurba Bhattacharya, Adv. Tapu Gopal Ghosh, Rajat Sur Raju, Narayan Saha Apu, Tapan Kumar Chakraborty, Ujjal Dutt, Sanjay Kumar Das, Bipul Ghosh Shankar, Abhijit Bhattacharya, Balaram Bahadur, Prof. Sumana Gupta, Manik Lal Ghosh, Shantiranjan Das, Subir Chandra Dutt, Gautam Majumder, Bappaditya Basu, Arup Kumar Kundu, James Subrata Hazra, Subir Saha Mana et al spoke in the meeting of the executive committee moderated by joint general secretary of Oikya Parishad Manindra Kumar Nath.


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