Karbari along with his four sons hacked to death in Ruma

Photo : Symbolic

Hill Voice, 25 February 2022, Bandarban: Five members of the same family, including Karbari (village head) were allegedly beaten and hacked to death in a remote area of Galengya Union in Ruma upazila of Bandarban district.

It is alleged that the attack was carried out by the residents of the village who were angry with the village Karbari on Thursday (February 24) at around 10:00 pm at Abupara in Ward No. 7 of Galengya Union, about 15 km from Ruma Bazar.

The deceased were identified as Lokrui Karbari (70), and his four sons, Rumtui Mro (35), Rengyee Mro (30), Menowai Mro (25), and Ringrao Mro (20). In this incident, another son of Karbari escaped narrowly. He is now fugitive. Among the four brothers killed, Ringrao Mro was a college student.

According to local sources, the assailants first hacked to death Rumtui Mro, the eldest son of Lokrui Karbari. Later, they went to Karbari’s house and killed Lokrui Karbari, his son Rengyee Mro and Menowai Mro. Ringrao Mro, the youngest son of Karbari who was a college student, was at relative’s house. He was killed there. Another son of Karbari escaped and survived. He is now fugitive.

According to local sources, since last year, there has been a dispute between Karbari’s family and the people of the village over the border of Jum farm.

There are further allegations that Karbari’s family was carrying out sorcery on the people of the village. Hence, the villagers are dying. The people who raised the allegation had hacked the Karbari’s family to death, sources said.