Indigenous widow’s land occupied in Naogaon, death threats


Hill Voice, 24 June 2020, Naogaon:  The land belonging to an indigenous widow has been accused of occupying in Porsha upazila of Naogaon district. A written complaint has been lodged with the Porsha police station.

According to the written complaint, the land grabbers had been trying to seize 0.33 acre of the land owned by the widow named Sencheri Pahan (55) of Saraigachhi village of Porsha upazila for a long time.

It is learnt that the land grabbers have already forcibly occupied more than half of the land. On 15 June 2020 Monday night, the land grabbers with weapons tried to evict indigenous family and occupy the land by force.

While obstructed by the widow, land grabbers threatened the widow with death and cut down various trees around the house and broke the fence and threw her into the pond. At present the widow Sencheri Pahan is living there in eviction panic and extreme insecurity.

On 18 June, the indigenous widow lodged a complaint with the Porsha Police Station against Khadimul Sheikh, Al Mamun Sheikh, Rafiq Sheikh, Masud, Meraj, Rifat and some other unidentified persons from the same village.

Local indigenous leaders alleged that the police administration initially tried to delay and covered up the incident. The administration and Awami League leaders have called for a meeting to resolve the issue, but no meeting has taken place yet.