Indigenous student attempted to molest in Rangpur, arrested youth in jail


Hill Voice, 16 October 2020, Rangpur: A youth named Lailatul Borat (19) arrested has been sent to jail for trying to molest a grade eight indigenous student in Badarganj of Rangpur District by Police.

According to police sources, Lailatul Borat, son of an influential family used to harass the indigenous girl on her way to and from school before Corona. Now, despite the school being closed due to Corona but the eve-teasing of the girl by Lailatul Barat did not stop. The girl’s family complained to the Lailatul Borat’s family directly as Lailatul Borat himself did not listen to the forbidding made by the girl’s family. That didn’t work either.

On 15 October 2020 Wednesday afternoon Lailatul Borat went to cut a tree behind the girl’s house. At one stage he enters the house and wants water. When the girl went to fetch water from the tube well, Lailatul Borat splashed the water on girl’s body. Due to absence of girl’s parents in the house, Lailatul Borat grabbed the girl. Then he attempted to rape. Later, when the girl shouted, the people of the surrounding area came forward and caught the depraved Lailatul Borat from the spot.

When the locals informed the police, the police came at night and took Lailatul Barat to the police station.

Badarganj Police Station OC Habibur Rahman Hawlader confirmed the matter and said, “The accused youth has been arrested and sent to jail.”