Human chain with slogan ‘want schools in Jumma-inhabited areas, not mosques’ in Sajek and Baghaichari

Photo : Collected

Hill Voice, 4 October 2020, Rangamati: A human chain has been held in Sajek and Baghaichari Sadar demanding an end to the conspiracy to evict the Jumma people in the name of building a mosque in the area inhabited by Jumma people and to create an environment suitable for the conservation of biodiversity in Sajek Union of Baghaichari in Rangamati district. The human chain was organized in Baghaihat and Shijokchara areas of Sajek Union and Baghaichhari Sadar today morning on 3 October 2020.

Karbari Milon Chakma and Karbari Inges Mohan Chakma spoke among others at the human chain held at Baghaihat area of ​​Sajek Union at 10 am presided over by a local Karbari Dipon Jyoti Chakma and moderated by Rupayan Chakma.

On the other hand, Hagen Tripura, Bijay Chakma and Mrs. Shovarani Chakma spoke at the human chain held in Shijokchara area of ​​Sajek.

Santosh Kumar Chakma also spoke on behalf of the locals at the human chain held in Baghaichari Upazila Sadar area.

Speakers of the three human chain programs complained that the government was trying to Islamize the Jumma-inhabited areas of the Chittagong Hill Tracts. As part of this, a mosque is being built in Sajek, which is completely inhabited by Jumma people. The speakers also alleged that it was another conspiracy of the government to evict the Jumma people from their ancestral land.

They also said that there are not enough educational institutions and not enough teachers in Sajek. But the government has no sympathy for that. We do not want mosques in Jumma inhabited areas; we want adequate educational institutions and teachers. We want to live in good health and well-groomed.

It is worth mentioning that more than hundreds of Jumma families have been evicted from Sajek since the establishment of tourism. Hundreds of Jumma families are at risk of further eviction. Not only that, the establishment of Sajek tourism center is also having a huge detrimental effect on the environment. As a result, biodiversity ranging from wildlife is now under threat.

Speakers, calling for a stance against the conspiracy to oust the Jumma people from Sajek, said that the government has become desperate to evict Jumma people from Sajek, sometimes in the name of expansion of tourism or in the name of setting up of camp. Now the conspiracy to evict the Jumma people by building a mosque and rehabilitating the settlers has started again. The people must stand united against this. Speakers from the human chain demanded an immediate end to all conspiracies to oust the Jumma people from Sajek and to stop the construction of mosques in the Jumma-inhabited tourism area.