House searching and info gathering of Jummas by army in Baghaichari

Photo: Symbolic

Hill Voice, 5 June 2023, Rangamati: It has been alleged that the army of Durchari Bazar army camp in Sarwatuli union of Baghaichari upazila of Rangamati district came to nearby North Khagrachari village and searched the houses of Jummas and collected information including asking for various personal documents.

The incident reportedly took place yesterday (May 4, 2023) around 7:30 pm.

According to local sources, a group of 15 personnel from Durchari Bazar army camp under 3 Bir of Maini Zone arrived at the South Khagrachhari wharf in Sarwatuli Union in a trawler boat around 7:30 pm. From there they went to North Khagrachari village and conducted extensive searches in Jummas’ houses.

Meanwhile, army personnel entered the house and asked Jummas to show all important personal documents including National Identity Card (NID card), birth certificate. It has been alleged that some men and women are abused in unspeakable language. Army personnel took Jummas’ mobile number and national identity card number after a 2–3 hour long search operation.

A public representative on the condition of anonymity said, we are living in such an environment, eyes are blind, mouths are dumb, ears are deaf. Even as a public representative, I cannot protest against these injustices that happen to the people. If someone protests, he has to be falsely accused of being a terrorist or subjected to various harassments.

The victims are:

1. Tanu Chakma (35), son of Dhan Chakma, address-North Khagrachari; 2. Chandra Chakma (55), son of Gagan Chakma, address-North Khagrachari; 3. Binod Bikash Chakma (40), son of purna Mohan Chakma, address-North Khagrachari; 4. Kunentu Chakma (42), son of Samar Chakma, address-North Khagrachari; 5. Miton Chakma (35), son of Chandra Chakma, address-North Khagrachari; 6. Satyaban Chakma (36), son of Mangal Chan Chakma, address-North Khagrachari; 7. Brishaketu Chakma (50), son of Mekya Chakma, address- North Khagrachari; 8. Suman Chakma (40), son of Chitto Chakma, Address- North Khagrachari; 9. Suresh Kumar Chakma (35), son of Mangaldhan Chakma, address-North Khagrachari; 10. Noram Chakma (60), son of Gileshing Chakma, address-North Khagrachari; 11. Mrigasona Chakma (42), son of Mangalchan Chakma, address-North Khagrachari; 12. Gyanamoy Chakma (45), son of Ranjan Chakma, address-North Khagrachari; 13. Sonaram Karbari (50), son of Manoranjan Chakma, address-North Khagrachari; 14. Mutora Chakma (60), son of Manoranjan Chakma, address-North Khagrachari; 15. Anjaroy Chakma (40), son of Bindukumar Chakma, Address-North Khagrachari; 16. Nandi Gopal Chakma (50), son of Sneha kumar Chakma, Address-North Khagrachari; 17. Jyotirmoy Chakma (45), son of Sneha Kumar Chakma, Address-North Khagrachari; 18. Niranjoy Chakma (35), son of Lakshidhan Chakma, address-North Khagrachari; 19. Radekamoni Chakma (50), son of Lakshidhan Chakma, address-North Khagrachari; 20. Umjoy Chakma (32), son of Samar Bijoy Chakma, address-North Khagrachari; 21. Khulomani Chakma (52), son of Kandra Chakma, Address-North Khagrachari; 22. Gautam Singh Chakma (35), son of Kamaldhan Chakma, address-North Khagrachari; 23. America Chakma (62), son of Ghritamani Chakma, address-North Khagrachari.