House of a school teacher searched and harassed by army in Baghaichhari


Hill Voice, 26 September 2020, Rangamati: A Jumma school teacher’s house was allegedly searched and harassed by the army at New Lalayaghona village in Baghaichhari upazila of Rangamati district.

According to local sources, on the evening of 24 September 2020, a group of army from the army camp setup at Shijok Mukh Buddhist temple conducted patrolling at Ugolchari Muslim Para of Baghaichari, and interrogated and threatened Meghanath Chakma, a guard of Ugalchhari High School while the army returning to the camp.

The army members then chased Junu Chakma, an assistant teacher at the school, out of his house and asked him to provide his identity. When he was asked to guide him to the Bir Master’s house, Junu Chakma refused to do so, then the army asked him to enter the house.

Retired health worker Santosh Bimal Chakma’s 79-year-old son Debashish Chakma was similarly forced to guide him to Bir Master’s house at around 8 pm, at that time he also refused showing illness of his parents. Later, the patrolling army saw the condition of his parents and left without saying anything.

Later, the army personnel proceeded toward Bir Master’s house and reached at Bir Master’s house at around 9 o’clock in the night, they searched around the house and took Bir Master’s phone number.

It is learnt that Bir Master was not at home on the day of the incident. A few days ago, he went to Raozan to meet his wife, who works for BRAC. Elderly mother Sampudi Chakma (78), Dipla Chakma (28), Sumna Chakma (24) and a 4-year-old woman and a 10th grade student Subarna Chakma were at home.

It may be mentioned that Bir Kumar Chakma (Bir Master) is the Assistant Headmaster of Ugolchhari High School and a senior member of the Thana Committee of Baghaichhari Awami League.