Hill Voice TV’s weekly news bulletin


4 February 2023, Saturday, Bureau Office: In the last week-
■ The government will be compelled to implement the CHT Accord by the joint movement of Jumma-Bengali people, vow in a public meeting.
■ Bawm and Marma villagers fled due to threats by the Bawm Party.
■ Protest was held by the people of Ruma against the threats and torture of Bawm Party.
■ Restrictions on building houses without the permission of the army in Dighinal.
■ Mohr Thengari, a movie made in Chakma language, was stuck in the Censor Board for 8 years.

These were the news in last week. Now the details.

Correspondent from Chittagong informed that in a solidarity rally organized by the ‘CHT Implementation Movement’, on the occasion of 25th anniversary of CHT Accord held in Chittagong 1st February, Rashed Khan Menon, as the chief guest, said that if there is unrest in the hills, it will cause unrest in the whole country. Therefore, peace should be brought back to the CHT through the implementation of the CHT Accord. Thus, he vowed that the government will be forced to implement the Accord by the joint movement of the Jumma-Bengali people.

Earlier, on January 27, the foundation anniversary of Pahari Sramik Kalyan Forum, an organization representing the protection of the rights of Jumma workers, the speakers called upon the people of all walks of life, including Jumma-Bengalis, Adivasi and minorities, to come forward to join movement for implementation the Accord.

The Bandarban correspondent informed that on January 29, Bawm and Marma villagers were evacuated from Bastalai, Artha Para, Happy Hill and Mualpi Para of Paindu Union of Ruma Upazila as a result of the threat of KNF, known as the Bawm Party, which sheltered the Islamic militants. Among them, about 50 Marma villagers have been sheltered in the building of Marma Welfare Association located in the upazila headquarters.

Investigations revealed that the KNF is plotting such evictions to force Bawm villagers to take refuge as refugees in Mizoram in order to garner sympathy and support from the Mizo, Kuki and Chin communities of India’s Northeast and Myanmar.

It is also known that one armed terrorist of Bawm Party was killed by army firing in Ruma. It is reported that the army and police recovered the body of the deceased and handed it over to his guardians.

On February 2nd at 10.00 am, a demonstration under the banner of peace-loving Ruma residents at Ruma Upazila Sadar was organized against KNF’s threats and intimidations. During the protest, the Bawm Party was called upon to stop carrying out terrorist activities and return to normal life.

Khagrachari correspondent informed, Jumma people living in several areas in Dighinala upazila cannot buy and carry house building materials without the permission of the army. The army imposed this restriction since 2019. On February 3, Santosh Chakma, a resident of Bhoirfa area of Merung Union, was compelled to submit an application seeking permission to fetch 60 feet of wood for building a new house in Babuchra subzone.

Mohr Thengari, first film made in Chakma language in Bangladesh, has been stuck in the Censor Board for almost eight years. On February 2, many people on social media have raised voice for young filmmaker Aung Rakhine’s Mohr Thengari movie.