Harassing search by army in Rajasthali

Photo : Symbolic

Hill Voice, 10 January 2022, Rangamati: Harassing search of house of a member of Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati (PCJSS) and harassment of a 72-year-old woman have been made by the army at Rajasthali in Rangamati.

The victims were identified as Usathowai Marma, son of late Aungsahla Marma, village Dak Bangla Para, Ward No. 6 of Bangalhaliya Union of Rajasthali. It is learnt that Usathowai Marma is the general secretary of Bangalhaliya Union Branch and a member of Rajasthali Upazila Branch of PCJSS.

The victim of old woman victim was identified as Hlabairui Marma (72), wife of late Hlathowaiprue Marma of Dak Bangla Para.

According to local sources, on Sunday (January 9) at 9:00 pm, a group of army comprising 15 soldiers led by Subedar Md. Hafiz Faisal, who is in charge of the Bengalhaliya army camp of the 56 Bengal Regiment searched house of Usathowai Marma at Dak Bangla Para of Ward No. 6 of Bangalhalia union.

Usathowai Marma was not at home at that time, and was reportedly on the run as a fugitive as result of lodging case against him by the military. Later, his wife was subjected to various forms of harassment, intimidation and threats against her husband.

The soldiers then took pictures of his wife and a 72-year-old woman with their mobile phone.