Fruit plantation cut down by BGB in Longadu

Photo : Symbolic

Hill Voice, 1 December 2023, Longadu: On Thursday (November 30, 2023), at 3 pm, a group of BGB from Rajanagar Battalion of 37 BGB under Longadu upazila in Rangamat district allegedly chopped down litchi-mango mixed plantation of an indigenous villager.

The victim was identified as Sneha Kumar Chakma, son of Ranjit Chakma from Hazapara village of Gulsakhali union under Longadu upazila.

According to local source, yesterday at 3 pm, a group of BGB numbering 20/25 personnel of Rajanagar Battalion by three vehicles began to fell, without saying anything, the litchi and mango tree of the mixed fruit plantation planted by Sneha Kumar chakma in Gulshakhali of Longadu.

It has been learnt that there was a check post no. 7 of Rajanagar zone of BGB on that place before signing the CHT Accord. As it was withdrawn after the Accord, the land remained abandoned for many years.

With financial expense and manual labor, Sneha Kumar Chakma made a mixed fruit plantation on one acre of land of the area, five years ago. Chopping all the litchi and mango trees of the plantation down, a sign board was hung writing “place selected for BGB camp”.