Extortion of Tk. 1.15 crore from 14 people by Mog Party with death threats

File Photo: A group of Mog Party terrorists

Hill Voice, 2 January 2022, Special Correspondent: At various times in the year 2021, the army-&-Awami League-backed Mog Party terrorists has collected a total of Tk 1.15 crore as ransom and extortion from only 14 persons in Rajasthali and Kaptai areas by abducting them or making death threats on the phone. There are allegations that the Mog Party terrorists extorted and collected ransom under the shelter and patronization of the 23 Bengal Regiment stationed in Kaptai Zone under Rangamati district.

In addition to extorting Tk 1.15 crore from 14 people, the Mog Party terrorists have also allegedly extorted millions of takas from innocent villagers, chairman-member candidates in union council elections and other businessmen.

Relevant sources said that extortion and ransom collected by the army-Awami League-backed Mog Party at different times in 2021 include (1) Tk. 10 lakhs from Uthan Marma, Chairman, Gaindya Union; (2) Tk. 2 lakhs from Neuching Marma, Member, Rangamati Hill District Council; (3) Tk. 7 lakhs from Uthinsi Marma, Headman of Powaitu mouza; (4) Tk. 2 lakhs from Chukyew Marma, Government servant of Department of Primary Education; (5) Tk. 50 thousand from Weimraching Marma, a female member of Gaindya Union; (6) Tk. 50 thousand from government employee Roni Khyang; (7) Tk. 50 thousand from Chathowai Marma, Secretary of Gaindya Union; (8) 3 lakh rupees from Chingthowaiu Marma of Mrawa Para; (9) Tk. 2 lakhs from Aungnuching Marma, Vice Chairman of Rajasthali Upazila Parishad; (10) Tk. 54 lakhs from a villager in Bhalukya Tinchari Para; (11) Tk. 25 lakhs from Puchimong Marma, a resident of Kangarachari of Bangalhalia; (12) 3.5 lakh from Chanumong Marma of Narangiri Para of Raikhali Union; (13) Tk. 60 thousand from Miranga Tanchangya of Gabchhara of Raikhali union and (14) Tk. 5 lakhs from Mithowai Rakhine.

According to sources, Uthan Marma, chairman of Gaindya Union and a member of Rajsthali Thana Committee of Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti (PCJSS), was taken into custody by the Mog Party terrorists at their station in Powaitu Para of Gaindya Union and demanded Tk. 20 lakh as ransom. Later, Uthan Marma was released on a ransom of Tk. 10 lakh.

On the other hand, the terrorists of Mog Party collected Tk. 2 lakh from Neuching Marma, a member of Rangamati Hill District Council. Nuching Marma is the opponent of Ubacha Marma, the president of Rajasthali Awami League and the current chairman of Rajasthali Upazila Parishad. In instigation and direction of Ubacha Marma, the terrorists of Mog Party collected the money from Neuching Marma.

Uthinsi Marma, the headman of Poyitu Mouza and former upazila chairman, was also called to Powaitu Para by phone and detained by the Mog Party terrorists. He is kept in such a way that he is not allowed to sit or stand straight. Mog Party terrorists threatened to kill him. Hence he was compelled to pay a ransom of Tk. 6 lakh for his release.

With the death threats, the Mog Party terrorists extorted Tk. 2 lakh from Chukyew Marma, a resident of Powaitu Para and a government employee of the primary education department, Tk. 50,000 from Waimraching Marma, a female member of Gaindya Union and a member of the Parbatya Chattagram Mahila Samiti, and Tk. 50,000 from Roni Khyang, a government employee of the Upazila Accounts Office and Tk. 50,000 from Chathowai Marma, secretary of Gaindya Union Parishad.

In allegation of involving with PCJSS and by threatening to kill him, the Mog Party terrorists extorted Tk. 3 lakh from Chingthowaiu Marma of Marwa Para of Gaindya Union and Tk. 2 lakh from Aungnuching Marma, Vice Chairman of Rajsthali Upazila Parishad.

Terrotists of the Mog Party collected Tk. 54 lakh from a villager of Bhalukya Tinchhari Para in Raikhali Union of Kaptai Upazila. The man is a wealthy man in the village and owns huge teak plantation. He got crores of takas by selling teak at that time. Upon receiving this news, the Mog Party terrorists surrounded his house at night. But he somehow managed to escape. Unable to find him, the terrorists grabbed his son and took him away to their station at Powaitu Para. Later, the villager rescued his son from the custody of the terrorists in exchange for a ransom of Tk 54 lakh. On the other hand, it is known that the terrorists took Tk. 25 lakh from Puchimong Marma of Kangrachari of Bangalhali union by threatening to kill him.

Chanumong Marma, a resident of Narangiri Bara Para in Raikhali Union, was rescued from the custody of the Mog Party after paying Tk. 3.5 lakhs. Miranga Tanchangya was also abducted and released by Mog Party after paying a ransom of Tk 60,000. Two days after the abduction, a bamboo trader named Mithowai Rakhine from Kangarachari village in Bangalhalia Union was released on a ransom of Tk. 5 lakh.

In the Union Parishad elections also, with the shelter of the army and the ruling Awami League, the Mog Party terrorists extorted millions of takas. To win uncontested, the Mog Party terrorists took Tk. 2 lakh from the chairman candidate and Tk. 50,000 to Tk. 1.0 lakh from the member candidates and threatened other candidates for the post of chairman-member, forcing them to withdraw from the contest.

As a result, the chairman candidates in Gaindya and Ghilachari Union Parishads under Rajsthali Upazila have been elected uncontested. No one in these two unions has dared to be the chairman candidate due to the threat of Mog Party. Even in the Ward No. 2 of Gaindya Union, no election was held as no candidate intended to contest in the post of member due to demand of extortion by the Mog Party. Similarly, no candidate contested in the reserved women’s seat of Ward No. 1, 2 and 3. The Bangalhalia Union Parishad elections were held without contest in most of the wards due to the threat of the Mog Party.

On the other hand, every family from different villages has been forced to work without pay for the construction of houses for the Mog Party members in Powaitu Para. If people from any family could not able to provide lobour, the family was forced to pay Tk. 500 daily.