Extortion and harassment by army-backed terrorists in Bandarban


Hill Voice, 26 March 2022, Bandarban: There have been allegations that army-backed UPDF (Democratic) terrorists are extorting, harassing and intimidating innocent people openly displaying arms at Bandarban district town. It is also learnt that they are searching for various leaders and activists of Jana Samhati Samiti (JSS) living in the town.

According to local sources, on Thursday (March 25) at around 11:00 pm some members of the UPDF (Democratic) terrorists led by Mongenu Marma and Kalachokha Chakma Atal came to Ahmed’s Goli at Mog Bazar in Bandarban in a drunken state. At that time, the terrorist Mongenu Marma and Kalachokha Chakma Atal broke into the house-cum-shop of Kyasaprue Marma and Hlasingong Marma, both son of Paisathui Marma and demanded taka 1.0 lakh by showing the pistol in their hands.

At that time, the wives and daughters of Kyasapru Marma and Hlasingong Marma, who were lying in the house, started shouting in fear and the people of the area rushed to the spot. At a state, the terrorists fired six rounds of blank shots with pistols, causing panic among the people.

After a while, seeing an army patrol vehicle approaching the spot, the terrorists hurried away, threatening the locals.

A Bengali eyewitness, who did not want to be named, complained that the people of the area were very annoyed with their extortion and harassment of the terrorists Mongenu Marma and Kalachokha Chakma. Like robbers, every time on the market day they rob or extort money from the people.

He said that such incidents of extortion and harassment at the tip of the administration’s nose are really sad.

Locals also said that UPDF (Democratic) and Reformist terrorists were often seen gathering at a liquor store called Heban in Mog Bazaar and roaming around the area till late at night. The terrorists, in a drunken state, very often searched for various JSS leaders and activists in the alleys of Mog Bazar and Ujani Para.

It is learnt that JSS leaders and activists like Sambhu Kumar Tanchangya, Jolimong Marma, Uchomong Marma, Uchawsing Marma, Aungshwemong Marma, Mostu Marma, who have been living in the town area, have been searched by the terrorists more than once.

There are allegations that the army and the local Awami League provide shelter and support to these terrorists in order to use them against the JSS activists and the people who are vocal for implementation of the CHT Accord.

In this situation, it is known that there is deep concern and panic among the people about the terrorists.