Expropriation of Jumma’s land including fruit plantation by Bengali settlers in Barakal

Photo: House erected by a Bengali settler occupying the land and fruit plantation of a Jumma

Hill Voice, 8 June 2023, Rangamati: It has been alleged that the land of a Jumma villager including his fruit plantation, have forcibly been grabbed by a Muslim Bengali settler in Bhushanchhara Union of Barkal Upazila under Rangamati District.

It has been reported that this grabbing happened last January 2023. Bengali settlers have already built several houses on the occupied land (see picture).

The victim’s name is Pranamoy Chakma (42), son of Amar Kanti Chakma, Village-Pandit Para, Bhushanchara Union.

According to local sources, about 7/8 years ago Pranamoy Chakma bought the land from his uncle Jatin Chandra Chakma, son of Abhimanyu Chakma with a plan to create a fruit plantation. Soon after the purchase, Pranamoy Chakma developed a fruit garden and built a house in the place and started living with his family.

But last January, Md. Jahangir, son of Sarowar, a resident of Bhushanchara Settler area, with his group forcibly occupied the place on his claim. When the Jumma neighbors including the original owner of the place protested, Md. Jahangir, who tried to occupy, showed various documents claiming to be the owner of the place.

Jumma villagers claim that these documents of Md. Jahangir are fake.

After that Pranamoy Chakma applied to Bhushanchara Union Parishad Chairman to resolve this land dispute. UP Chairman arranged an arbitration with both parties in this regard. At that time, the Chairman ordered to stay where they are.