Dead body of abducted Laram Bawm recovered in Ruma


Hill Voice, 10 February 2023, Bandarban: The dead body of Lalramchanh Bawm alias Laram Bawm (43), who was abducted by KNF terrorists known as Bawm Party from Bagalek area of Ruma Sadar Union of Ruma Upazila under Bandarban District, has been recovered.

Today (February 10, 2023) around noon on Friday, the dead body of Laram Bawm was found in a spring ditch near Harmon Para of Ward No. 7 of Ruma Sadar Union. The place is located between Darjeeling Para and Keukradong.

A police team led by Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Ruma Police Station Mohammad Monir Hossain recovered the body in a melting state and brought it to the police station.

The kidnappers reportedly brutally killed Laram Bawm by cutting out his tongue, piercing the eyes and slitting his throat.

According to local and family sources, on 5 February 2023 in the evening an armed group of Bawm Party terrorists entered a local church in Bogalake area during a religious ceremony. Meanwhile, the terrorists abducted five people including Lalramchanh Bawm alias Laram Bawm, his father Sangliam Bawm, his wife Nujing Bawm and his son from there. The kidnappers later released the others but did not release Laram Bawm.

Local villagers and family members searched for Laram Bawm but could not find him. However, this morning some villagers went to the jungle for Jum work and saw Laram Bawm’s body. After that they reported the matter to Ruma police station and the police went there and recovered the body.

It is to be noted that this armed group known as Bawm Party was created with the help of the army to oppose the ongoing movement of the Jumma people demanding the implementation of the Chittagong Hill Tracts Accord signed in 1997. It first emerged in 2008 as KNDO and later renamed KNF in 2016.

As soon as it emerged, the Bawm Party with the help of the army started a provocative campaign against the CHT Accord and Jana Samhati Samiti and the army conspired with the Bawm Party to create divisions among the Jummas on the basis of ‘divide and rule’ policy. Soon these Bawm Party terrorists established a reign of terror with extensive extortion, beating, abduction and killing of Jummas in Ruma and Rowangchari of Bandarban and Rengkhyong area of Rangamati.

After the formation of KNF, at one stage from 2021, they started providing shelter and military training to an international Islamic terrorist militant organization called Jamatul Ansar Fil Hindal Sharqiya in exchange of 30 lakh Taka per month. As a result, KNF has become a boomerang for Bangladesh Army due to providing shelter and military training to Islamic militants in remote hills.

The brutal incidents committed by Bawm Party armed terrorists include the shot dead of 3 innocent Tripura villagers and injuring 2 children in Saizam Tripura Para of Bortholi Union on 21 June 2022, followed by the eviction of hundreds of families from various Tanchangya and Tripura Paras under Bortholi Union of Bilaichhari Upazila and Rowangchhari Upazila of Bandarban, abduction of 6 Tanchangya villagers from Saijam Para of Bortholi Union of Bilaichhari Upazila and killing of one of them by slitting their throats on 15 October 2022, eviction of Bawm villagers from Bastalai, Artha Para and Happy Hill Para and Marma villagers from Mualpi Para of Paindu Union in Ruma on 27 January 2023, etc.