Construction of barracks and increased activities of army-backed Mog Party in Rajasthali


Hill Voice, 5 April 2024, Rangamati: Allegedly, the Mog Party, one of the terrorist organizations supported by the Bangladesh army, has increased its movement and is constructing 2 fresh barracks in Rajasthali Upazila under Rangamati district. It is even reported that locals and nearby villagers are being forced to work without pay there.

As per the latest news, it is also alleged that Mog Party terrorists had brutally beaten up an innocent Marma tea shopkeeper on April 5 in Raikhali Union in Kaptai upazila.

According to local sources, Mog Party terrorists have recently started construction of a new barracks in Powaitu Para (Gaindya Union of Rajasthali Upazila) and the other is in Kengrachari area of Bangalhalia Union of same upazila. For this, they have been forcing the neighboring Jumma villagers including Powaitu Para and Kengrachari area for constructing them in turn, since April 3.

Apart from the said village, the Mog Party terrorists also ordered the villagers of Gobchara, Upper Narachara, Lower Narachara, Kachiri Para, Narengiri Bora Para of Raikhali Union of neighboring Kaptai Upazila to give one person from each family to work on the construction of the said barracks since 4 April.

It is informed that everyone will have to pay a fine of Tk 500 a day if they do not go to the work.

According to the relevant sources, hills cutting work is currently going on in the said barracks.

It is also known that on April 5, 2024, at around 10 am, two commanders of Mog Party terrorists Sabuj Marma and Pranta Ghosh Roni called an innocent Marma tea shopkeeper to their hideout in Majhipara, adjacent to Raikhali Bazar of Kaptai Upazila, and beat him mercilessly. The victim has been identified as Kaythowiching Marma (39), son of- late Hlachai Aung Marma, Village -Daluchari Aga Para, Ward No. 1, Raikhali Union.

Reportedly, the terrorists beat up Kaythowiching Marma on false allegations that he was passing various news to the JSS people.

It is to be noted that some days ago, there were reports of increased activity, open display of weapons and threats by the armed terrorists of Marma Nationalist Party (MNP) known as Mog Party through social media. During this time, Mog Party terrorists were seen publicly displaying weapons and issuing threats through videos circulated on multiple Facebook pages.

According to the locals, the Mog Party terrorists are openly carrying out these activities by staying near the army camp. The army is pretending not to see these.

It is known that currently Mog Party terrorists are staying in two base areas in Rajasthali upazila and are carrying out all terrorist activities from there. One of its hideouts is located in the half walled house of a Tanchangya villager on Naikyachara road behind Bangalhalia market in Bangalhalia union. The house they had previously taken by force from the owner of the house and evicted the house owner. This hideout of terrorists is located within 200 yards of Bangalhalia Bazar army camp.

Another hideout of the Mog Party is said to be located in Powaitu Para of Gaindya Union.

It is alleged that the army and the local leadership of the ruling Awami League have organized and patronized this Mog Party like other anti-Accord and anti-PCJSS terrorist organizations to obstruct the CHT Accord implementation process and divert the situation of Chittagong Hill Tracts in different ways. Since its inception, this Mog Party has been carrying out terrorist activities such as extortion, kidnapping, ransom, murder, etc. in the Rajasthali area of Rangamati, including some other areas of Bandarban district.