Chairman Atomong Marma’s death after being shot by miscreants


Hill Voice, 31 May 2024, Rangamati: Atomong Marma, chairman of Barathali Union Parishad under Bilaichari Upazila in Rangamati district, injured by armed miscreants ten days ago is no more. He breathed his last at 11:38 pm at Chittagong Medical College Hospital Yesterday (May 30), while undergoing treatment.

Reportedly, on 21 May 2024 at around 11 PM, two armed terrorists shot him with two local made guns while he was sitting in the yard of a house in Barathali Para of Barathali Union. At this, Atomong Marma was seriously injured in his left shoulder, left thigh and right side of his chest.

On that mid night with the help of the local army, the villagers carried him on foot on their shoulders to the Ruma Upazila Health Complex of Bandarban district. On reaching at Ruma Upazila Health Complex at 5:45 am, the doctor on duty advised to take him to Bandarban District Headquarters Hospital after providing first aid.

The next day (May 22) in the morning, he was taken to Chittagong Medical College Hospital for better treatment. There, doctors removed four bullets from his body after surgery. Since then, he is reported to have been on life-support in the ICU.

According to the latest sources, Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF) terrorists known as the Bawm Party carried out the murder.

However, another local source said immediately after the incident, this attack was carried out on Atomong Marma at the instigation of No. 5 Ward member Shaihlaching of Barathali Marma Para, No. 4 Ward member Weber Tripura, Awami League-supported candidate in the 2015 Union Parishad elections Sujan Tripura (Master) known to be associated with UPDF (Democratic) and Awami League President of Barathali Union Satya Chandra Tripura, a rival for the post of chairman in the Barathali Union Parishad elections in 2023.

It should be noted, that day was the Bilaichari Upazila Parishad election under the 2nd phase of the 6th Upazila Parishad Election. Chairman Atomong Marma sat in the yard of a house in Barathali Para after the election duty in Barathali union area.

In 2023 Barathali Union Parishad elections, Atomong Marma was elected as the chairman supported by Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti (PCJSS).

It is reported, Atomong Marma was popular in the area and acted as the president of Barathali Union Committee of the PCJSS.