Case filed against 22 workers of PCJSS in connection with the gunfight in Ruma


Hill Voice, 15 February 2022, Bandarban: The army have filed a case against 22 persons including members of the Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti (PCJSS) with Ruma police station in connection with the shootings between the army and alleged armed groups at Bathi Tripura Para in Ruma upazila of Bandarban.

The lawsuit was filed last Thursday (February 10th) by Lance Corporal Abdullah Al Mamun of Raikhyong Lake Army Camp.

According to local sources, a group of army led by Senior Warrant Officer Habib from Raikhyong Lake Army Camp carried out raids after receiving information from the army-backed Mog Party that an armed group was stationed at Bathi Tripura Para in Sadar Union of Ruma Upazila. Following the raid, on 2 February 2022 at 10:30 pm, gunfire erupted between the army and the alleged armed group. Habib, a senior army warrant officer, was killed on the spot and a soldier was seriously injured in this gunfight. On the other hand, three members of the alleged armed group were also killed on the spot.

Following that incident, on 10 February 2022, Lance Corporal Abdullah Al Mamun of 27th Bangladesh Infantry Regiment D Company Raikhiang Lake Army Camp filed a fabricated case against 22 members of PCJSS including 20/25 unidentified persons with Ruma Police Station.

The case (No. 03 dated 10/02/2022) was filed under the Section 186/ 332/ 333/ 353/ 307/302/ 109/ 34 of the Penal Code. The GR number in the case is 46/2022.

The names of those who have been sued are:

1. Hitoishi Chakma (59), father’s name: unknown, Khansamapara, Rowangchari;
2. Gorjan Tanchangya (42), son of Kinadhan Tanchangya, Ghilapara, Rajasthali, Rangamati;
3. Amar Jyoti Chakma alias Apu Chakma (38), son of Lamba Chakma, Jurachari, Rangamati, now Taracha, Rowangchari;
4. Kyawba Mong Marma (51), (Former Chairman, Rowangchari Upazila Parishad), General Secretary, Bandarban District JSS, son of Uthowai Prue Marma, Rowangchari;
5. KS Mong (58) son of late Kya Hlau, Madhyam Para, Bandarban;
6. Shambhu Kumar Tanchangya (46), (Former Chairman, Noapotong Para Union, Organizing Secretary, Bandarban District JSS), Antaha Para, Rowangchari, now Ujani Para, Bandarban;
7. Aungthowaiching Marma (47), (Former Chairman, Ruma Upazila Parishad) Vice President of Bandarban District JSS, son of late Fuchingeu Marma alias Puchand Marma, Hatimatha Para, Ward No. 2, Ruma Sarai Union, Ruma, Bandarban;
8. Francis Tripura (40), (Organizing Secretary, Ruma Upazila PCJSS), son of Naktaha Tripura, Namepara, Ruma Para;
9. Kajal Chakma (40), JSS (original) worker, father’s name Unknown, Popa Headmanpara, Rupasipara, Lama;
10. Bhushan Tanchangya (42), (nephew of Bandarban District Council member Kanchan Joy Tanchangya), Bijaypara, Rowangchari;
11. S. Mong (Babul Chakma) (60), Asambasti, Rangamati, now Gunkurmukh, Rowangchari;
12. Suhruday Tanchangya (22), (Collector, JSS, Alikadam), son of Pru Tanchangya, Rayambu Blu Karbari Para, Alikadam, Bandarban;
13. Pru Tangchangya (45), (active member, JSS, Alikadam), son of late Surjamani Karbari, Rayambu Blu Karbari Para, Alikadam, Bandarban;
14. Salamong Marma (50), (Secretary, JSS, Alikadam) son of Uchamang Marma, Bazar Para, Alikadam;
15. Pilif Tripura (52), (Education & Cultural Secretary, JSS, Alikadam), son of late Gampru Tripura, Kalarjhiri Para, Alikadam;
16. Parao Mro (45), (Collector, JSS, Alikadam), son of Kahila Mro, Marinchar, Alikadam;
16. Tarun Chakma (27), (active member, JSS, Alikadam), son of Basudeb Chakma, Royambu Bayamjhiri, Alikadam;
16. Sagar Basa Chakma (43), (active member, JSS, Alikadam), son of Baidya Chandra Chakma, Jnanakarbari Para, Alikadam;
19. Kainthap Mro (54), (Secretary, JSS, Alikadam), son of Ru Young Mro, Marincher, Alikadam;
20. Aungya Marma (55), (President, JSS, Lama), son of Mancha Marma / Clich Prue Marma, Janglapara, Ruposhi Union, Lama;
21. Lakshipada Prasad Chakma (42), other information unknown;
22. Arjun (35), other information unknown, including more 20/25 unknown persons.

There are allegations that many of the accused have been charged in the case with the aim of suppressing their voices as they are vocal against military torture and land grabbing, and above all, for the implementation of the Chittagong Hill Tracts Accord.

For example, the reason for accusing Suhruday Tangchangya, son of Pro Tangchangya, is that he was vocal against stone lifting. Suhruday Tangchangya fell victim to the aggression of the army, as he made news coverage about stone extraction and stone breaking of stone trader as well as army source, namely, Rahul Amin and journalist Mumtaz’s younger brother Nazrul.

It is to be noted that PCJSS mentioned in a press release stating that “Jana Samhati Samiti or any member of the organization is not involved in the incident.” The PCJSS stated in the press release that the PCJSS was entangled in the incident with the intention of thwarting the movement for the implementation of the CHT Accord and for the purpose of suppressing the PCJSS.