Case filed after 12 days since murder in Bilaichari

Photo : Symbolic

Hill Voice, 5 July 2022, Rangamati: A case has been filed after 12 days since shooting dead of three members of the Tripura community in Bilaichari under Rangamati district.

Inspector (OC) of Bilaichari Police Station Mohammad Alamgir said that 25-30 unidentified members of the Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF) or ‘Bawm Party’ have been accused in the case.

He said Chitarang Tripura (65), father of Dhanaram Tripura, who was shot dead in Saizam Para in Barathali Union on June 21, had filed the case, whose case No. 1. The case has been filed under sections 143, 447, 448, 307, 326, 302 and 402 of Bangladesh Panel Code.

The case has been filed under various sections of the Penal Code for serious injuries, murder and attempted murder.

According to the case file, on June 21, members of the Kuki-Chin Bawm Party carried out a surprise attack in Saizam Para. At that time 3 people were shot dead. They were threatened.

The attackers were wearing green check dresses, the lawsuit said.

The deceased were identified as Bichai Chandra Tripura, Subhash Tripura and Dhanram Tripura. Children Ananta Tripura and Sumna Tripura, who were seriously injured in the attack, are known to be in good health.

The Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti (PCJSS) on Sunday strongly condemned and protested the Bilaichhari killing and demanded punishment for those involved in the incident.