BTKS & TSF demonstration against killing of 3 Tripuras & 2 children injured by Kuki-Chin terrorists


Hill Voice, 27 June 2022, Khagrachari: A demonstration and human chain has been organized by Bangladesh Tripura Kalyan Sangsad (BTKS) and Central Committee of Tripura Students Forum (TSF) in front of Khagrachari Press Club against in protest of the brutal killing of three innocent Tripura villagers and the serious injury of two children in the village of Saijam Para in Barthali Union of Belaichari Upazila under Rangamati district by armed terrorists, Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF). Besides, a memorandum containing 6-point demands has also been sent to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina after the demonstration.

Presided over by Sushil Jiban Tripura, President of BTKS and moderated by Anjulal Tripura, General Secretary of Central Committee of TSF, the demonstration and human chain was addressed by Tapan Bikash Tripura, Chairman of Perachara Union Parishad; Ullas Tripura, Chairman of Golabari Union Parishad; Hiran Joy Tripura, Vice President of BTKS; Bivitsu Tripura, Vice President of BTKS; Tapash Kumar Tripura, Organizing Secretary of BTKS; Mihir Kanti Tripura, General Secretary of Sadar Thana Branch of BTKS; Nurul Azam member of Khagrachari Press Club; Nakshatra Tripura, former General Secretary of TSF and Nayan Tripura, President of Central Committee of TSF et al. Welcoming remarks were made by Khanjan Tripura, Central Vice President of TSF.

Condemning the barbaric and brutal incident, Tapash Kumar Tripura, organizing secretary of TKS, said, “I have not seen any action by the administration to recover the dead bodies of three Tripura villagers who were shot and strangled in Bilaichari six days ago. The administration is playing passive role on the pretext of being a remote area. What the reasons and mysteries are behind it, so we want to know clearly.” He further said that not only the Bilaichari incident, but also all the incidents in Bandarban where terrorists are committing today are being supported by the law enforcement agencies, which is unfortunate and reprehensible.

Hiran Joy Tripura, a member of Khagrachari Hill District Council and vice president of the BTKS, said, “Terrorists have no caste, no religion. He called for a united front against the terrorists and a speedy trial so that the Kuki Chin Party involved in the Bilaichari incident could no longer attack innocent people. If not, they have attacked one Tripura today, they will attack other villages in the future, he said.

Nakshatra Tripura, former central general secretary of the TSF, said, “Justice was sought after the killings but no justice was got. The dead bodies were not recovered. The administration and the government must take responsibility for his failure.”

Press Club member Nurul Azam said, “The Kuki-Chin Party cannot avoid responsibility for the infernal killings.” He called on the government and the administration to take appropriate steps to stop their terrorist activities.

Nayan Tripura, president of the TSF central committee, said, “The terrorist organization Kuki-Chin Party has spread the word about the killing of innocent Tripura villagers on their Facebook page, saying they have killed JSS workers. Attempts are being made to divert the incident with the tag of them as JSS activist. They are threatening us on their Facebook page which is not acceptable in any way. All must stand united against this terrorist organization Kuki-Chin Party.” He added, ‘If the government-administration does not take appropriate action against Kuki-Chin Party in the killing of three innocent Tripura villagers, the Tripura student community will not remain silent. We will be forced to give a tough program.’

Speaking in the event, Sushil Jiban Tripura said, ‘We have raised the issue after killing of three innocent Tripura villagers by armed terrorist Kuki Chin through social media. But to date no solution has been got. We do not know, with whose help they do these atrocities?

He said, ‘After killing three innocent villagers, KNF publicized the incident on Facebook by making them JSS terrorists. But the statements of the victims who are still alive are the complete opposite. I want to know why the administration is silent even after knowing so much about one incident after another.’ Calling on the media and intelligence agencies to publicize the incident in Bilaichari, he said, “If media and intelligence agencies do not publicize the incident, questions will be remained in our minds.”

After the human chain, the leaders of BTKS and TSF submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister through Deputy Commissioner of Khagrachari district.

The memorandum made the following six demands:

1) The perpetrators of the brutal killings should be brought under the law and proper justice and maximum punishment should be given through proper investigation.

2) The families of the killed and injured should be given adequate compensation.

3) Adequate compensation should be provided for the proper treatment of the injured.

4) The families of the killed and injured and the villagers affected by the attack must be ensured maximum security of life and property.

5) The armed activities of the KNF should be stopped.

6) Necessary administrative steps should be taken to prevent such incidents from happening again in future.

On June 21, 2022, at around 6:00 pm, army-backed armed terrorists of the KNF opened fire at Saijam Para village leaving three innocent Tripura villagers of the same family killed and seriously two children injured.

The villagers killed in the attack were- 1. Bichai Chandra Tripura (52), son of Badla Tripura; 2. Subhash Chandra Tripura (23), son of Bichai Chandra Tripura and 3. Dhanaram Tripura (16), son of Sitaram Tripura. According to villagers, Bichai Chandra Tripura was beheaded even after the terrorists shot him dead.

On the other hand, the injured children of killed Subhash Chandra Tripura were Ananta Tripura (4) and Sumana Tripura (1 year 6 months). The injured children were later taken to Chittagong Medical College Hospital and are still undergoing treatment there.