BGB’s further attempt and threat to occupy Jumma’s land in Bhushanchara


Hill Voice, 9 October 2023, Rangamati: It is alleged that a local Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) camp authority in Bhushanchara union of Barkal Upazila under Rangamati hill district further attempted to occupy the lands of three indigenous Jumma villagers in Bhushanchara Union forcibly and threatening.

The victim villagers were identified as (1) Bijoy Kanti Chakma, son of Ranga Chandra Chakma, (2) Manek Chakma, son of Rasik Muni Chakma and (3) Buddhajoy Chakma, son of Promod Chakma. They all are residents of Thegador village, No.1 Ward under No.4 Bhushanchara Union in Barkal upazila.

As per local sources, on 7 October 2023 local Karbari (village head) Pulin Chakma and Karbari Athoisi as well as the above mentioned three villagers (Bijoy Kanti Chakma, Manek Chakma and Buddhajoy Chakma) appeared the BGB Camp as per the instruction of the Nayek Subedar Siddiqur Rahman Siddique, the camp commander of Thegador BOP Camp, under 12 BGB Chota Harina Zone of Bhushanchara union.

At that time, the camp commander Nayek Subedar Siddiqur Rahman Siddique told Karbari Pulin Chakma that the camp authority needed to have the three acres of lands of those three villagers. The commander said, “As per the instruction of the high command, we will have to cultivate rice there and send the rice to the zone and there will be a technical educational institute. So, we have to get the site.”

The camp commander threatened saying “If you do not leave the lands on our request, we will be compelled to bend our fingers.”

Reportedly, there are paddy land and fruit plantations on the three acres of land.

It is also mentionable that on October 5, 2023, Captain Sadeki Arfan Niloy, Commander in-charge of Thega Khubbang BOP camp under 12 BGB Chota Harina Zone of Bhushanchara union, called the Karbari (village head) Shyamal Kanti Chakma to the camp. When Karbari went to the camp, Captain Sadeki Arfan Niloy said, the paddy land owned by Sonadhan Chakma adjacent to the camp would not be allowed to cultivate Sonadhan anymore.

Afterward, being informed of the decision of BGB from the Karbari, Sonadhan Chakma went to meet the Camp Commander Captain Sadeqi Arfan Niloy of Thega Khubbong BOP Camp. At the camp, Captain Sadeqi Arfan Niloy told Sonadhan Chakma that he (Sonadhan) would not own the farmland anymore as they (BGB) needed to capture the land. He added it is the decision of the Commanding Officer (CO) of 12 BGB Chota Harina Zone. The captain even threatened Sonadhan, if there is much reaction about the matter, there would be a dire consequence.

It is known that Sonadhan Chakma’s family has been tilling the land since the Pakistan period. The quantity of the land is 0.60 acre.