BGB obstruct to construct the Noaram Sahitya Sangsad office in Longadu


Hill Voice, 5 April 2023, Rangamati: It is alleged that the local BGB have obstructed to construct the office of a literary organization named Noaram Sahitya Sangsad in the land belonging to Jumma people in Bagachatar Union of Longadu Upazila in Rangamati District. In fact, it is reported that the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) obstructed them for the purpose of occupation of the land owned by a Jummas there.

As per local source, a decision was taken to make a branch office of “Noaram Sahitya Sangsad” at the initiative of the local Jumma people with the aim of developing the language, education and culture of the indigenous community at Chiberega area in No. 4 Bagachatar Union of the upazila.

When the local youths started collecting the necessary wood, bamboos, poles to build the office, at first the Chalyatuli Camp Commander under of 37 BGB Rajnagar Zone in Longadu obstructed to construct the office.

Later on April 1, 2023, in charge of the zone (Additional Director) AD Md. Hafizur Rahman came in person and called the elder persons of the village and forbade them to build the office and asked them to apply to “Zone Commander, 37 BGB, Rajnagar Zone” along with the permission letter of Upazila Executive Officer, Longudu for it.

Local have expressed their opinions that this obstruction of BGB is nothing but a plot to take away the Jumma peoples’ land and tantamount to depriving the indigenous children from education, heritage, cultural preservation and cultural practices in their oun mother tongue. The site selected for the construction of the office is settled in the name of Punong Chan Chakma, son of Purna Kumar Chakma, holding R-17 and adjacent to a Buddhist temple, a primary school and a secondary school. Besides, there is also a playground to the south of the Buddhist temple.

It is also noted that the local BGB have been attempting to set up an APBN camp at that site for a long time. BGB also claimed, on September 19, 2022, the site was demarcated and marked and a proposal was sent to the higher authority of the government for setting up a camp.