BGB-locals clash in Panchari over snatching of loan money, 1 injured


Hill Voice, 25 September 2023, Khagrachari: A clash between the BGB and the locals took place as BGB personnel snatched the money from a Jumma villager while he was on way to pay off loan in Pujgang area of Panchari Upazila under Khagrachari district.

In a stage of the incident, a person was injured as BGB personnel open fire into the crowd. In addition, it is reported that another person has been detained by the BGB.

As stated by locals, the incident happened when the BGB men tried to catch a person after snatching Tk. 12 lakh, being sent the money for repaying loan by a businessman, from his possession yesterday on Sunday, (September 24, 2023) at 4 pm in the afternoon.

It is reported that a few months ago, a businessman named Ela Chakma, son of Anil Chandra Chakma, a resident of Dhudhukchara in Panchari area, took a loan of Tk 12 lakh for business. The amount of loan, Tk 12 lakhs, was being sent by his nephew Rintu Chakma to take to Panchari bazar.

When Rintu Chakma was going from Dhudhukhara to Panchari Bazar with the money, he was stopped at the check post of Logang BGB zone, searched him and finding Tk 12 lakh in a bag, BGB took the money away.

BGB asked him about the owner of the money. When Rintu Chakma replied that the money was to repay the loan taken for business purpose, the BGB members did not accept it and arrested him along with the money and tried to take him to Panchari police station.

At that time, when the family of the victim Rintu Chakma informed it to Upazila Vice Chairman Chandradeb Chakma, Logang UP Chairman Joy Kumar Chakma and Chengi UP Chairman Ananda Joy Chakma, they tried to settle the issue with the BGB. But the BGB did not pay heed to that rather tried to take him to the Panchari police station after arresting him.

Later on, getting the information, the locals stopped the vehicle carrying the BGB personnel at Pujgang Bridge. At one point of their commotion between the BGB and the locals, a clash broke out. It is learnt that during the conflict between the two sides, the locals managed to rescue the taka and Rintu Chakma from the BGB custody.

It was reported that as the BGB got excited at this and opened fire, an indigenous youth named Mikel Chakma (24) was shot in the leg and injured. The shot-victim is the son of Lakshmi Chakma at Baburo Para in Logang Union under Panchari upazila in Khagrachari hill district.

Apart from this, BGB arrested a person named Purna Ratan Chakma (45) son of Amiya Chakma in Durgamani Para of Pujgang Union in Panchari of Khagrachari hill district.

In accordance with the local sources, a joint force team has been deployed in Pujgang area led to spreading extreme panic among the local indigenous Jumma people.