Attempts made by the army commander in Kaptai to arrest the innocent Jumma putting arm


Hill Voice, 26 August 2021, Rangamati: a commander of Bangladesh armed forces falsely incriminated an innocent Jumma civilian by forcing a weapon onto him, and attempted to illegally detain him, according to reports. The incident took place in Raikhali Union in Kaptai Upazila, Rangamati Hill District.

The commander was compelled to release the victim as family and neighbours of the victim protested his unlawful detainment, and especially when other army personnel also obligated the commander. There was reportedly a heated argument and scuffle between the commander and army personnel.

The victim is identified as Mongjikye Marma (35) of Duluchhari Para in Raikhali Union, son of late Aungchaprue Marma. He is a local timber businessman by profession.

According to local sources, at around 4.30 am on 26 August 2021, a group of 20 army personnel led by Subedar Md. Nazmul, officer-in-command of the newly set up army camp at Narangiri Mukh Para in Raikhali Union, went on patrol in the nearby village of Duluchhari.

During that time, the soldiers cordoned off the house of Manjikye Marma, conducting an extensive search of the house. Despite not finding anything illegal in the house, they restrained Mongjikye Marma with a rope by Subedar Md. Nazmul’s order. At this, Mongjikye Marma’s family and neighbours protested, questioning why the soldiers had detained an innocent, ordinary person.

It was then that Nazmul hurriedly took out a country-made LG pipe gun from his own bag and, entering Mongjikye Marma’s house, proceeded to carry out another search. When it became clear that the intent was to arrest and falsely incriminate Mongjikye Marma with the weapon, the villagers protested vehemently, as did the army personnel who tried to prevent Nazmul from carrying out his plan of false incrimination.

At that moment, Subedar Md. Nazmul assaulted the protesting soldiers and displayed verbal aggression against them, and at one point, the altercation resulted in fierce quarrelling and scuffling among them. Afterward, the soldiers released the detainee and returned to the army camp.

It has also been reported that the army personnel that went on patrol under Subedar Md. Nazmul’s command later called the zone commander of Kaptai Army Zone by telephone to inform him of the incident. Soon after, an army vehicle arrived at around 2.00 pm to escort the Md. Nazmul to the zone headquarters.

At present, Lieutenant Colonel Md. Mizanul Haque (PSC) of the 23rd Bengal Regiment is in charge as the zone commander of Kaptai Army Zone.