Attack on a Hindu minority family in Brahmanbaria


Hill Voice, 21 April 2020, Brahmanbaria:  On 17 April 2020 a group of goons allegedly attacked on a Hindu minority family at Merkuta village under Biddyakut Union of Nabinagar upazila in Brahmanbaria district. In this attack seven members of Dipak Saha family were injured.

The victims were: 1) Dipak Saha (55), 2) Archana Rani Saha (50) wife of Dipak Saha, 3) Akash Saha (23) son of Dipak Saha, 4) Jhuma Saha (23) daughter of Dipak Saha, 5) Lotol Saha (49) younger brother of Dipak Saha, 6) Pratiba Rani Sahar (40) wife of Loton Saha.

The victim family lodged a case with Nabinagar Police Station against the perpetrators. However, the goons ordered the victim family in-front of the police to leave that place and if they fail to do so, everyone would be killed. Now the family is passing their days in great fear and anxiety.

It is learnt that the perpetrators led by Md. Taher Mian (55) were the relatives of late Abdur Rauf, Ex-Chairman of Union Parishad of Biddyakut Union. The other perpetrators were: 1) Taher Mian (55), 2) Shahed Mian (45), younger brother of Taher Mian, 3) Mizan Mian (35), 4) Jibon Mian (30), 5) Mamun Mian (25), son of Jibon Mian, and 6) Mobarak Mian (19).

Sources said that, there has been dispute between Taher Mian, son of Abdur Rauf elder brother and Dipak Saha over the ownership of a land. For that reason, the goons of Taher Mian has been threatening and trying to evict the victim family from many days.

On the contrary Taher Mian denied all the allegations against him. He added that, they only had some verbal argument about the land dispute but no physical clash happened during that time.

Ranojit Rai, Officer-in-Charge of Nabinagar Police Station said, they will take necessary steps to arrest the perpetrators.

Source: Manabkantha.